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Why Nobody Wants You to Become Happy


Why Nobody Wants You to Become Happy

This world is full of interesting people. Some of them want to offer you a hand, others pretend you’re not around, and some others try to clip your wings. Unfortunately, among those with a desire to clip your wings happens to be people who are close to you and even your friends. Instead of helping and saying uplifting words, they shit into your soul…

That’s why you often ask yourself why these people don’t support you and don’t want you to achieve your goals. What if I gave you some reasons why they do it?

People don’t want you to change for three reasons:
1. They want to protect you from side effects. Everyone knows that changing your life is not easy. It takes a lot of work. You may lose your job, meaning you will face more challenges than it seems. Yes, it’s true. If your life started to improve and you became happier and perhaps richer, there would be a side effect. Your friends would begin to get angry because you stopped drinking beer with them! They really don’t want you to change!

2. Friends like you the way you are.
I know you want more happiness, more changes, but listen to me: Friends Like You As You Are! Although you are not perfect, you are who you are, so they don’t understand why you change.
For this reason, they won’t wake you up early in the morning to remind you that you have to move on. They just don’t want to lose their connection with you.

3. Although people want you to change and reach your goals, they don’t know how to express their feelings correctly.
Understand, quite often, people who don’t know how to share inspiring words with you have probably never received support themselves. Had they received some, they would have benefited from their personal experience. Unfortunately, they just don’t know how to motivate you. These things weren’t taught in school; therefore, you THINK they want to harm you. 

The truth about YOU. 

The truth is, close people and friends want you to experience change, but you misjudge their behavior. You should be smarter, more sensitive, more insightful than them.

Or am I wrong?

What do you think the people around you would like? Do you think they don’t want your support? Understand, they want the same as you!!! Oh yes, they expect from you what you expect from them!

So the question is, who will act HUMAN FIRST, YOU OR THE PERSON whose ATTENTION YOU’RE WAITING FOR?

You can either wait for support or share it. Because that’s only what your value depends on.

If you share support, you will rise above the standard mindset. If you don’t, you stay who you are.

It’s your time to choose, whether you want to be a victim or….

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