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Why Nobody Wants You to Become Happy

Do you remember that day, when you finally decided to change your life? When you told people about your life changing ideas they said “That‘s great! But…” They won‘t wake you up early in the morning to remind you that you have to move on. There are a lot of reasons behind their behavior. I will tell about those reasons for which even your close friends don‘t want you to change.


If your live would start to improve and you would become happier and perhaps richer, there would be a side effect. Your friends will start to get angry, because you refused to go to the strip club. They will blame you because you stopped drinking a beer with them! They really don‘t want you to change! Nobody wants you to become happy… But I have good news! There are some people, who want you to change:

  1. Stylists. They want you to take interest in fashion. They desire that you keep up with fashion and will be a fashionable person. They don‘t want you to feel good with simple outfit!
  2. Advertising agencies. The Executives and advertisers want that you and Alex Monaco (author of this article) regain eyesight and assess their art “masterpieces”. They got what they wanted. Slaves of marketing gladly pay their money just for possibility to watch the adverts in cinema. Slaves of adverts buy tickets to Cannes Lions adverts festival every year…
  3. Taxrecipient. They will clap their hands if you will become more loyal. Tax will love you more if you will improve – become more obedient. THEY REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU! Not long ago, they created a website for you where you can pay taxes without leaving the house. Damn! It is so convenient! I can only imagine how Tax will celebrate the day, when white house will release law which will allow to connect our bodies straight to the system. It is a perfect solution, to take our energy and don’t ask us about that! It will be easy to pay laying in the bed, without moving any finger!


We live in the society where conscious people are not needed. Just think, if people learned to be happy without stylish and expensive clothes, things, services – they would stop buying nicely packaged junk from the shops. There would be an economic crisis! So instead of advertising freedom and long-term happiness (which everybody could obtain for free by digging deeper into ourselves), the puppet masters are preaching to us to enjoy:

  1. Popular movies.
  2. Beauty products.
  3. Fashion.
  4. Things and services made from silicon, metal and plastic which only can give us very short – term happiness, satisfaction.

People will not like if somebody creates super pills that unlock 100 % of your potential! However, all of us could be LIMITLESS without using super pills! Everybody can do it, if they clear their mind from rubbish!

You‘re not stupid and understand what I‘m talking about. You know why no one wants to teach children how to think with their head at school. No one needs a new generation to have their own opinion. No one wants a revolution. That‘s why presidents of our country don‘t meet the boards of Education very often. THEY DON’T NEED US TO BE MORE INGENIOUS, FASTER, STRONGER THAN THEM. THEY DON’T WANT US TO BELIEVE IN OURSELVES! Humanity is tumbling down. Are you going step by step with it? What do you desire? Do you think, that you don’t deserve to be a happy person until you get a better job? I am talking about you dear reader. Yes, about YOU! Not about John from Springfield. Answer me, why does Alex Monaco believe in you, but you don’t?

Do you have an answer?

Why are you still waiting for someone to encourage / praise / understand you? I am one of them, who understand you. I know, where you have to go. I’m not suggesting you to join the political party. Politics isn’t worth talking about it. There are a lot of much more important things. What are these things? I am constantly reminded about them in my facebook page. If you want me to wake up your minds more often, visit my site heavily loaded with powerful motivation.

I believe that soon you will reach your dreams. But you have to wash your head from inside daily. I love to work with my dreams. Do you? I am addicted to the taste of freedom. Don’t you? In my believes if you want to be free you don’t need to have wings.

What do you believe in? Do you believe everything that others said to you?

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