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Why nobody wants you to become happy


“… nobody wants me to become happy, even friends, why?” a reader wrote to me. I have an answer. Are you ready for the harsh truth!

Why Nobody Wants You to Become Happy

There were times when I was a miserable little wretch; I saw the world as SH. I didn’t trust people. It seemed like 99% of people desired to clip my wings/put sticks in my wheels, and so on. So I often asked myself why these people don’t support me. But after a while, I realized that: People always wanted good for me, but I misinterpreted their actions. 

“Nonsense! Idiots surround me! They look like friends, but they kill my goals! They don’t believe my ideas! Why is it like this?” one of the readers will say. I have an answer! Soon I will give you five reasons why it looks like nobody wants you to succeed!

Five reasons why (it looks like) nobody wants you to become happy

1. Friends like you the way you are. DO YOU HEAR ME, READER???

I know you want more happiness, more changes, and so on, but THE TRUTH IS: Friends Like You As You Are! Although you are not perfect, you are who you are, and it’s enough for them, so they don’t understand why you are reading books and articles on the website. For this reason, they won’t wake you up early in the morning to remind you that you MUST move on. They just don’t want to push you. So, you may say, “They doesn’t help me to change,” but for fucking sake, they just like you who you are!!! That’s all they do!”

2. They try to protect you! They don’t want you to suffer!

What do you think about cryptocurrency? When my brother decided to invest, I told him, “No way, you will lose all your money.” But in a few minutes, I took my words back. I told him, “I hope everything will be okay. If you believe in crypto, just try. But don’t invest all your savings.”

I believe that you, dear reader, have experienced a similar situation. Maybe you wanted to start a business, but a friend said, “I don’t know, man… It’s not a good idea.” He said it not to disturb but to protect. Because he thinks you’re going to go bankrupt, and then you’ll cry, cry…

3. They want to motivate you. 

My father once said, “Alex, why you stroke/toss off that guitar? Nothing good will happen; nothing will come of it.” A few years later, when I was creating my own band, my father said, “Maybe you can teach me to play guitar?”

When I asked him why he hadn’t supported me in the past, why he didn’t believe I would learn to play, he replied, “I wanted to motivate you. Thought you would do anything to prove to me that you really can!”

He was right; his words motivated me. But I couldn’t understand it for a long time. It proves that we need time to understand whether a person’s actions are correct or not, which means that we should not punish ourselves for saying something unreasonable too. Therefore, never blame people who say something to you. Maybe they are trying to motivate you. 

I wrote about it in a book about how one of my classmates beat me so that I could learn to stand for myself. Once, he approached me and said, “Why don’t you defend yourself! Push me. Push, girls are watching!” 

I pushed him… He fell but didn’t continue the fight; He achieved what he wanted. From that day on, the other guys didn’t raise their hand against me. 

The classmate wanted to help me, but I only realized it after he explained it to me as if I were a child… Damn, how foolish I was.

4. Although people want you to become happy and reach all your goals, they don’t know how to encourage you. 

Remember a quote, “A true friend tells to your eyes only the truth and praises you behind them.”  

Many people believe this quote, so one day, your closest friend will tell you the truth. He will do it because friends are telling the truth. But his truth will be so honest that it MAY SEEM to you: a) He just spat in your face, b) Threw a knife at you / hurt you. However, your reaction will be inadequate. 

“But what to do when the closest friends criticize you again and again; after all, it stops, kills your motivation?” you will ask. 

I have an answer! 

The only, possibly undeniably sensible solution is to behave brighter than others! That is, if you want encouragement, encourage others more often! It’s important because when they see your actions, they will understand that encouraging is quite pleasant. Since humans have mirror neurons, they’ll start encouraging you over time. Oh yeah, show people how to behave. 

Remember: Quite often, people from whom you expect support rarely receive support themselves. If they had received some, they would have benefited from their personal experience.

5. Friends don’t want to lose you! (Selfish, right?)

Imagine that you have reached all your dreams. You are offered a trip to another city or neighborhood with a super nice view of the lake. Would you want it? Unfortunately, not everyone around you wants to lose you. For example, the best friend you grew up with… The neighbor will let you go easily because you pissed him off, and here is your closest friend… 

Even if he loves you, he won’t want you to travel far because you know what that means? 

Although he wishes you good luck, he would love to be with you. That’s why people tell you, “And why constantly strive for something and change?” That’s why you think they are holding you back. But c’mon, that person loves you!!! 

The same will happen when you decide to start living a healthy life. One of your friends (or acquaintances) will offer you pizza, beer, or cigarettes. But if you say, “I want to live healthier,” he will answer, “Well, just one time, okay?” This behavior will encourage you to return to an unhealthy lifestyle, so you may feel that he wants to cause harm to you.

A harsh truth about YOU and your friends

The truth is, close people and friends, are dreaming so that someone can support them, but there is no one to do it. You could do it, but you can’t because you’re waiting for someone to encourage you. You are waiting for the initiative just like other people who are waiting for your initiative… Isn’t all this ironic???? 

Or am I wrong?

What do you think the people around you would like? Do you think they don’t want your support? Understand, they want the same as you!!! Oh yes, they expect from you what you expect from them! 


Let’s look at it from the aside by creating a character; we will name him Peter.

What do you think Peter should do when he asks himself, “Why does nobody want to be around me?” 

Come on back, what is your reply? 

In my opinion, Peter should answer this question as follows: “Hell with it, I’d better be around people who think no one wants to be around them! In this way, I will find friends.” 

What do I mean? 

You can either a) wait for support or b) share it. If you wait, you will be like everybody else, but if you share positivity, you will raise your value (as a human).

It’s your time to choose whether you want to be a victim or a rescuer, whose happiness can’t be trampled by anyone. Sure, you don’t have to save other people, but you should save your ass!!!

Millions of quotes have been written about it. For example, let’s mention this quote about happiness:

Woman and sea thinking why nobody wants you to become happy

This simple quote can be changed in many ways. Wait a sec. I will rewrite it: 

Nobody can give you a quality friendship until you become a friend with yourself and others!

Or we can change this quote like this: 

Nobody can give you fulfillment until you haven’t fulfilled yourself with meaningful actions!

Therefore, when you have an idea, “Why does nobody want you to become happy? say to yourself, “I will be more sensitive, more insightful than everyone I know! Because I was born to share, not to be a victim!”


“Oh, ALEX, thank you for this article and positivity you share, but where can I get more of it?” one of the readers will end our conversation. I have a PRESENT!  

A present!

Free missions that I created for you with enormous joy! Oh yes, order these missions today without any cost! You can order my missions here: Life-changing missions. 

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  1. Adom says:

    Great stuff as always

  2. says:

    I do not even know the way I ended up here,
    however I assumed this publish was great. I do not understand who you’re but
    certainly you are going to a famous blogger should you aren’t
    already. Cheers!

  3. Ann says:

    It’s true we have to fight against many things so we could be happy. Thank you for the post!

  4. Suzz Gen says:

    “People don’t want your happiness because it is the opposite of joy.”
    “Why are you always so down?” people will ask. There’s no need for that! My friends and family support me in my endeavors, they understand where I’m coming from when things aren’t going well – even if we haven’t talked lately or seen each other face-to-face since Christmas break a few months back.

  5. Anushka says:

    Just now I’ve Googled “why nobody wants me to become happy” & found your page. This really made me think about my own situation in life; when was last time that I felt truly content? The answer: Last night while watching TV with some friends on YouTube (of course). But even though this elevated mood lasts only until tomorrow morning – what does happiness mean anyway?!

  6. Himani Bisht says:

    Friends love you just the way that YOU are and they hold you here, where you are 🙂 Good point

  7. Ellen says:

    I am an empath. I am supportive of everyone. I have to teach people around me to be supportive. They are mostly busy trying to tell everyone how much they know.

  8. Chaim Weaver says:

    very informative articles or reviews at this time.

  9. Kurs Agenta Nieruchomości says:

    I just wanted to express my gratitude for this post. It has been immensely helpful in solving a problem I was facing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise!

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