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What is the best way to success?


What is the best way to success?

During a seminar, a young girl raised her hand. She asked: 

„Alex, how to reach success, and is there the best way to success?” 

Then I asked, “How do you define success? What exactly do you want from life?”

Her response was, “I would like to get a better job.” 

Then I asked her, “Did you come to the seminar alone?”

“My mom is here with me!” she answered. 

After this, I asked another question, “What is most important to you—getting a good job or that your mother is still alive? She is with you, isn’t it a success?” 

You’re not stupid dear reader—you know what she replied. She answered that her mother is more important. Everybody applauded her. So this girl had been successful her entire life, but she didn’t realize it. She was waiting for a better job. But in the seminar, she finally understood that she is already successful and a good job will be a bonus. 

And you, do you understand how much success you have because your friends are still alive? 

I know it’s not enough for you… You want something more, but… My mother once said, “I’m so foolish because I felt unhappy back in my student days. Only now do I realize that my student years were the nicest and happiest.” My mom required a lot of time to understand how successful it was to be a young girl. Maybe it sounds strange, but it’s the right way to think. If you believe that you are unsuccessful, you act unsuccessful, which makes you unsuccessful. But if you believe that you are successful, you act like you are successful, and others start to believe in you. For this, you need to change beliefs—understand why exactly you are successful. And then a miracle will happen. 

Because the more gratitude you have, the more bliss you have. 

The greatest success will visit you not when you get a bag of money or meet an Escobar-like businessman, but when you understand what true success means with all parts of your body! 

I didn’t know about this fact in the past, so I only spent my time looking for rich people, lottery tickets. I wanted to be successful on the outside, not inside. As I ran towards my goal, I complained to others about how unsuccessful I was. But, realizing my mistake, I began to learn. I started reading books. I was only working on the term “success.” I have discovered this term many times by looking at it through the prism of different philosophies. In doing so, I kept telling myself, “I know reading books suck because they are written by philosophers whose books you wouldn’t call entertainment. While you want to play computer games or hang out with the girls, you have to focus on the essence! You have to understand the essence of the word “success,” or you’ll be a fucking sluggard!”

It took me a long time to understand how successful I was. But now I’m super happy. Now I every day say to myself, “Nobody can break you, Alex! Nobody can take your success, and it doesn’t depend on the weather, external stuff, business, or money! Hell yes, success is running through my veins so that nobody can steal it! Because success for me is not what I have outside, but what I believe in.” 

And what do you think about it, dear reader??? I will give you a mini test. After this, you will choose the correct answer, okay? Let’s begin. 

Answer this question:  

Question no. 1: How to become successful?  

a) Success is when you gain something outside.

b) Success is when you understand the essence of success? I’m talking about wisdomness, happiness, fulfillment… 

c) Success is when you understand how successful you are? 

Which answer have you chosen? 

If I were you, I would choose all! 

Because everything is important. You see, you can on the same day: a) Enjoy the little things (what you have). b) Pursue a lot of exciting things! c) Work on your personality! I’m offering you a mix of different goals!  

The best way to success is…: 

To summarize, I will clarify my point. The wisest path to success lies in personality change, not on the outside. Because if you change yourself, you will finally realize two things:  

a) You already have the most wonderful things! But you don’t value them (when I say wonderful things, I mean the LIFE we received as a gift from our God…) 

b) Things and goals masses looking for and working for are just accessories and not the main things. 

“Okay, I got it. You say that I should learn what success means?” you will ask.

“Yes,” I will answer. You need to learn a lot. Get a book about success and read it. Read a second and even 3rd one, and you will find your own answer. Success is like a completely different language. 


I used to think that success was when you create a desirable business, earn a lot of money, or seduce a “GOOD” girl. I was wrong. True success can only be achieved if you learn to respect what you have today; life, friends, and… Because if you KNOW HOW TO RESPECT WHAT YOU HAVE, it will become a huge achievement that will bring even more excitement, awakening and increasing the frequency of success breakthroughs.

Let’s descuss!

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