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Why get a career in digital marketing today?


My friend Riona Jiana wrote an article about careers in digital marketing, and I decided to share it with you.

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Digital marketing

In the past, marketers were mainly in charge of a company’s brand-related activities. Today, their responsibility has drastically shifted to a fast-growing new game: digital marketing. According to recent findings, digital marketing spending across businesses has grown by 15.8% over the last year, making up 58% of marketing budgets.

What changed? Before the rise of the Internet in the 1990s, traditional marketing was the way to go. This involved marketing by way of billboards, printed media, and TV commercials. As people start moving to more digital spaces, such as social media, advertisers and marketers saw a new space to thrive in. During the pandemic, businesses relied on more digital means of marketing, and this trend is projected to continue growing well into the future. Based on my experience as a freelance life coach, I’ll share some reasons why a career in digital marketing might be the right move for you:

It’s not just for corporate

A common misconception about digital marketing is that only big businesses and corporations make use of it. We’ve discussed this in a prior post about why websites are important, no matter who you are. The truth is, digital marketing is actively used by individuals as well. As a freelance blogger, I’ve encountered my share of influencers and content creators from various social networking sites. They make use of digital marketing aspects and strategies to enhance their personal branding and attract opportunities. Remember that everyone needs a capable digital marketing team these days, and you don’t have to be limited to working the corporate grind.

Digital marketing is in high demand

Ask yourself, which have you come across more in the past week: physical billboards or YouTube and Google ads? And which of these feels more relevant to you or your needs? For instance, recently I was about to give up on a staycation plan when a tailored ad on my phone showed me a cool hotel (with a good deal!) that I could check out. While traditional marketing isn’t completely obsolete, everyone is making the shift to the digital sphere to keep up with consumer interest, and that calls for demand for tech-savvy marketers across many industries. Moreover, digital media experts aren’t limited to marketing—they can work in different fields such as advertising and branding, design, and software development. Professionals with key digital media skills can work with graphic designers to establish compelling digital content for brands—through text, images, publications, websites, and more. Like most digitally-based roles, it’s never too late to learn the necessary skills to get into the digital marketing game. Online courses and training, for example, can teach you a lot about the industry and give you valuable insights. They can also prepare you for your journey into digital marketing. 

You can become a digital nomad

The pandemic forced industries to shift into digital and remote workflows. Even as some companies look into moving back to physical office work, most have struck gold with the productivity boost and general employee satisfaction that the relative freedom of remote work offers. Fortunately, digital marketers are among the top positions that allow for full-time remote work, as they primarily collaborate over their computers. Digital marketers who work remotely can even consider growing into larger teams to accommodate any increases in clientele, with little need to occupy a physical office. As a fellow self-proclaimed digital nomad myself, I can assure you that being able to move to another country without worrying about how that affects your job is a perk you don’t want to overlook. Aside from a more flexible schedule, working remotely also means you have additional time to spend on other aspects of your life, like a side hustle or learning new hobbies, while being closer to your loved ones.

It’s never static

Industries that are adopting digital-first approaches to serve their customers are realizing a one-size-fits-all approach will no longer work. Due to the lack of a set formula for doing things in the digital marketing field, there can be many ways of achieving certain results, and these are subject to change depending on where future digital evolutions may take us. From newspapers to billboards to YouTube ads—who knows what’s next? I’ve learned from the people I work with how rapidly digital marketing has changed over the decades and even as we speak. As parting advice from yours truly, if you have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy experimenting with new approaches, a career in digital marketing may be perfect for you.

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