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Crater of Diamonds: The Best Advice


Have you ever heard about the legendary Crater of Diamonds? You can find it in Arkansas.

This unique place is visited for several reasons:

1. Anyone who finds a diamond here is allowed to take it home.
The largest diamond ever found in the United States (Uncle Sam) was discovered here.
3. More than 70,000 diamonds have been found here, so the chances of finding one more diamond are not so wicked.
4. Diamonds can be discovered here without any tool. You can find them twinkling on the surface. (By the way, for those who are unaware, diamonds are formed from carbon. Lava pushes them to the surface of the earth—that’s why diamonds can be found without the need for additional excavation.)

Experienced seekers say that it’s best to look for diamonds after heavy rainfall. Downpours of rain wash away dirt, allowing diamonds to shine in the sun, their twinkle capable of being caught by the eye. You just have to be attentive to notice them. Unfortunately, attentiveness is a luxury these days—sometimes children are more attentive than adults are. Recently, a 14-year-old boy named Kalel discovered a seven-carat diamond.

At first, no one believed his finding had value because the diamond he found looked like an ordinary pebble, and it took some time to determine its true value. The same applies to the advice we receive from intelligent people. It’s difficult to determine the value of such pieces of advice. You know how it happens: sometimes friends give us the best advice, and we treat it as garbage—we toss it out onto the street.

So, this article is about diamond-quality advice with which you can achieve fulfilment!

The best advice (ever)

Oh yeah, today I’ll pick up the best piece of advice from the floor (the advice lay there because someone who did not understand its preciousness threw it away) that I’ll pass directly to your hands.

IMPORTANT: The advice I am giving away is crucially important, so I recommend you to focus

Yes, let’s put all thoughts aside. Get ready to take full advantage of this time-tested advice, which I received from my best teacher


I see you’re not… 

I don’t see you with a pen in hand. Understand this: the advice you’re about to receive is VITAL for everyday life, so it should be in your notebook or phone, and… 

Wait a second… Maybe you’re here not for advice? Maybe you came here to pass some time writing a negative comment? Go aheadfeel free to do it, but for those who care about life changes, I suggest you type these five words into your subconscious: listen to your own advice…

Yes, my advice is: Listen to Your Own Advice…

Because people don’t listen to their own inner voice…

What’s more, I know from my own experience what it means to ignore the advice you tell yourself. For example, when I was younger, I was nicknamed “Degenerate.” This affected me. I hated my own reflection when I looked in the mirror. And I tried changing my self-image to solve this problem, telling myself, “Alex, don’t pay attention to what they say!” But I didn’t listen to myself. I didn’t heed my own advice…

What about you? 

Just like me, you don’t listen to your own advice… Sometimes you want to say a few good words to someone, but all you manage to do is to fall into stagnation. But the clock is tickin’, people get old… They die… Realizing this, you decide to call your mother. You dial her number… In the background, you hear a symphony that is about to start… Pap, pap…


As you wait, you share with yourself the following advice: “Hey, don’t begin your conversation with the standard “What are you doing?” Just say a few warm words…”

Tell her that you are grateful and that you love her…

“Pip, pip…”

As you wait for her to pick up the phone, thoughts about the values that really matter cross your mind.

Pap, pap…

Again, you tell yourself: “Yeah, so, when she picks up the phone, I’m going to start the conversation in a different way—warmly. Not like I always do…”

But when a loved one answers, you say, “What are you doing?” or something similar. You say what you’re accustomed to saying, as though you were on autopilot.

Although you know how to open your mouth and pronounce these eight letters (I. L. O. V. E. Y. O. U), it’s hard for you to do so, and feelings often stay there, hidden somewhere inside, COMPRESSED under the emotion of fear. And there, under doubt, many cockroaches hide…

You often tell yourself, “Hey, enough self-doubt. Accept yourself as you are!” But you don’t listen…

Although you know which values are important, you don’t act wisely. This is the reality: there exists a big gap between knowledge and action. For example, you know that when a conflict arises, you should be strong. But sometimes, when conflict arises, you behave recklessly. That’s why you have to apologize, after all. But sometimes even this fails. That’s not all!

You’re afraid to start a conversation with interesting people. Even if you know that you’ll later regret not having done so, you still won’t start. You’re not alone, as important research has been conducted. It turned out that 90 percent of people regret something they haven’t done. You can analyze the research report here in greater depth. In this chart, you will see what people regret the most. 

Inner voice

Interestingly, most people regret not educating themselves. 

That’s why it’s crucial to listen to your positive inner voice.

Understand me well: by suggesting you listen to yourself, I am not encouraging you to hurt others. I’m talking about cultivating positive values. And for those who are unable to distinguish between good and bad values, I suggest looking at what seniors regret the most. There’s a bounty of information on this topic on the internet.

Since I’m interested in this topic, I’m convinced that in the future, I will NOT tell myself: 

“I regret that I rarely spoke kind, loving words to my loved ones.”

“Ech…. I was angry.”

“Why I was so envious.”

“I tried following my heart, but…”

“Why I didn’t listen to my own advice.”

“If I could go back to the past, I would work less, but honestly.”

Oh yes, I’m glad I didn’t have to get old to realize how important it is to listen to yourself!!! Hmm…

If my advice regarding listening to your own advice caused you to ask yourself a lot of questions, know one thing: a diamond only becomes brilliant after careful polishing.

Ex nihilo nihil fit 

IMPORTANT: If you like this article, in the comment section, please behave how you want others to treat you + write in the comments which part of the article you liked the most.


P.S. Diamonds can only be polished with another diamond. I’m not only speaking metaphorically but in between the lines. So, be sure to read this article again in a week, and then read it again in a month from now.


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