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How can you help others without being rich


One day, I smacked my hand down onto a table, like an Italian, saying, “Not a chance, Daniel. You won’t reach your goal!”

Daniel got scared.

“Why?” he asked with wide-opened eyes. Daniel wanted to start a serious business to earn lots of money. When I asked him why he needed money, he replied:

“When I become successful, I’ll be able to help others with money or give it to homeless shelters.”

On many occasions, I’ve come across characters who think that after earning a large sum of money, they will be in a position to act generously and send money to a shelter for homeless children. It seems that such a desire should be applauded, but there’s no money yet, only talk about future help that will only take place if one succeeds in making money. And that’s precisely the problem: The inability to help today.

In other words, having no money becomes an excuse as to why many people refuse to contribute to significant and important work…

“You’re wrong, Alex!” someone will respond. Yes, I’m sometimes wrong, but not in this case. Imagine you win a billion. You are happy. Life becomes sweet. You decide to share money with others. You send them to a children’s shelter. After receiving the money, the children decide to send it to God so he can revive their parents… After all, money can do everything, right? Then, the resurrected parents take their children back and…

Eh, if only…

I have said a billion times before that money won’t fill in the holes in your soul… YOU CAN’T REVIVE PARENTS FOR MONEY!

Happiness and respect can’t be bought for money, as Pablo Escobar proved a long time ago.

Okay, let’s imagine another storyline: Bill Gates sends money to a children’s shelter. Then, the children pay money to psychologists to replace the brains of their violent parents from whom they had escaped… Do you think psychologists will be able to perform this task?

“Alex, what nonsense! Money really helps children,” a frowning reader will say. Let this reader believe his thoughts. Let’s compare two people: one gives away 10,000 euros to a homeless shelter, while the other adopts children and devotes his/her life to them. Answer me, which of these people will do more work and is more generous? You know the answer…

Because a wallet full of money isn’t a bad thing to have, but it’s better to have an empty wallet than an empty heart.

“And what about food? After all, you need to buy it. What will the children eat?” you ask. This question is important. But what if you were to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, etc., in your garden so that you could give fruits and vegetables to those in need? All you need is to make time. You don’t need lots of money… After all, seeds don’t cost hundreds of euros! All it takes is willingness! You don’t have any land? Have you heard about land rental for garden cultivation? Do you think it costs a lot? Still having problems with the garden? Then, why don’t you write to Alex Monaco, who can introduce you to people who could lend you a big plot of land?

“Alex, you are selfish, as you’re just talking about kids. What about pet shelters that need repairs?” you ask. You need to understand me correctly; money is required when you want to buy a building. But what if you build it instead? Are you saying you’re lazy? You can do repairs. Take some paint, a bucket, and a paintbrush, and then ask the shelter to allow you to do renovation and maintenance work on the building that shelters the dogs and cats.

One day I got a letter from a dog shelter that was raising funds. I declined to help, as I didn’t have money. I often refused to help as I always found excuses. However, an idea once came to me: “What if I were to create a website for a shelter?” I thought. Yes, at least once a year, I used to help out various organizations. My intention isn’t to boast about how many charitable jobs I’ve done, but I’ve done good deeds when I didn’t have lots of clients or bags of money. Later, I started helping children who didn’t have opportunities to buy eyeglasses, etc. With the help of the Patreon site, I raised much more funds! Perhaps you happen to be doing something similar.

You can help others without being rich!

Hence, I repeat again: you don’t have to be rich to help those in need. While some help with money, you can provide moral assistance.

And yes, you don’t have to have a big bag of money to help others. To be generous, you need to understand what generosity is + have devotion, and… ugh… clearly, a wallet full of money isn’t a bad thing to have, but…

What will you do? Will you continue to care about your career so that in 30 years, you can prove that you can be generous? Or maybe it’s better to become generous today.

Enough with the type of excuses used by lazy people. Not wanting to work, they admit that they have no money, so they unfortunately can’t help…

Unfortunately, they don’t know this simple truth: to be generous, all you need to have is the desire.

These things aren’t taught in school. They don’t talk about shelters. When I was at school, teachers took us to the woods, zoo, and botanical gardens. But they should have shown us real life. Unfortunately, they only showed us rose-tinted images. However, it’s important for students to see how people with cancer or the homeless live.

In other words, the education system + culture is so patchy that only its frame remains.

Therefore, we must act. We must change that.

I’m sure critics will find faults with us. But they won’t succeed, because there are more than three of us. Therefore, without being afraid of a bunch of pseudo moralizers, let’s say one more time: It’s better to have an empty wallet than an empty heart!

Let’s descuss!

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