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How to become a loser!


Alex Monaco in Cannes

There are many rules which guarantee that you will become a loser! Use them and your life will be really bad! In a few seconds, I will share the best ones!

10 rules which guarantee that you will become a loser!

  1. At all times, place the blame on other people! Colleagues and neighbors are always the ones to blame.
  2. Never admit your mistakes—the most important thing in life is to remain a righteous person.💩
  3. Always, always, always behave as your buddies suggest. They told you to drink beer—drink it. Because it is masculine to pay attention to what they say.
  4. Watch as many TV shows as you can❗
  5. Justify yourself as often as possible. And be nervous. Your health will thank you❗
  6. Don’t thank your parents for giving birth to you and for over 15 years of buying you food and cooking for you because caring for a baby in the first year is an easy job. Parents are fools—they don’t understand anything.
  7. Never go against the flow; people may not understand you.
  8. Evil must be answered with evil. Revenge is the greatest value!
  9. Take everything personally. Because the whole world and Alex Monaco are against you.
  10. Beware of everything! Friends can fool you. And relationships may fail. Therefore, it’s better to spend time on your computer 💻 and the internet. A computer is a faithful thing. It will never fool you. It will always be waiting for you at home! So what if it’s spring? After all, the digital world is more important!!!

Final word!

Did you like these rules? Which ones have you used in your life? And are you going to use them in the future? In the past, I used all 10 rules, so I was a professional loser. But I don’t need laurels and awards. Because sometimes I find myself starting to use some of the loser rules again. This happens all the time. That’s why it’s very important to look at yourself from the sidelines at least once a day.

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