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How to be sexy


How to be sexy

The fastest way to become sexy is to hire me as a clothing designer. See, I have good taste, so I could dress you and you would be divinely attractive in just 1 hour BUT So What? After all, if you go to a nightclub without me, you still won’t have as much confidence as I have, right?????????

Because self-confidence and organic sexuality (which I control as Paganini controlled the violin) don’t lie in rags but in behavior, that is, in the brain (personality).

Or maybe I’m wrong?

Well ok, let’s see what the CIVILIZED WORLD thinks about all of this!

How to be sexy

Let’s jump to the internet.

In the Google search field, enter “How to be sexy.”

The Stylecaster portal offers you to try out sexy lingerie!

For whom the hell are these tips intended? Maybe for strippers?

I imagine my coworkers showing off their underwear! More vulgar than sexy. Therefore, for this proposal, I will utter, “NO!

Oh no…

… what they don’t offer on the internet…

Reader’s Digest suggests wearing red clothes.

Okay, here are the red clothes!

Sexy red clothes

Another portal, Women’s Health, in an article titled “20 ways to be sexy …” suggests wearing the “Sex Kitten” sweater!

Sexy kitten sweater

What if the street is +38?

I wonder what you would do in Hawaii with a sweater?

Oh man, imagine me in a sexy sweater in the heart of Bora Bora!

Alex Monaco with sexy sweater

By the way, pay attention to this photo. How do you find these little ears? Damn It, Ears Are 100 Times Sexier Than A Sweater!

On the other hand, look into my eyes! See how much charisma there is? You don’t need a sweater with such charisma! 

Because it’s not about what you wear, but what you have in your brain!

Oh yeah, it’s not about what perfume or makeup you wear, but how you feel without all those accessories.

And if you don’t believe it, get a silicone six-pack: 

silicone six-pack

Only $120!

But I suggest a different solution.

I have tried everything and I’m convinced that the best way to become sexy is to change yourself as a person.

If you change as a person, Everything Will Work Out. Without tension. Without pretending.

So you want to change your personality?

Or maybe you still believe in the power of clothes and makeup?

If all your sexiness is in a dress, make-up, and high heels, then what’s left when you take it all off your body?

sexy lingerie

“What to do?” you will ask.

You don’t need THE SNOTTY (superficial) sexuality that young people aspire to—you need natural attractiveness.

What is organic (natural) attractiveness? 

What exactly is natural attractiveness? This is quite a complicated answer. Since dynamic attractiveness is much more difficult to measure than synthetic attractiveness, few are able to give a definition of natural attractiveness.

Even the Oxford Dictionary is silent on this topic, so I will have to do the work.


Organic attractiveness (also called dynamic attractiveness) is a certain state of being attractive to the people around you, even if you are not even trying to make someone like you.

(Sometimes a cat purrs without even thinking if you will like it.)

In other words, there is a state where people SOMEHOW feel your sexuality even without your effort.

Most often, this fabulously and cosmically sweet (natural) charm includes:

1) free and natural movements (when you are not constrained by lack of confidence);
2) expressive movements influenced not by superficial values, but by inner happiness and unplayed positivity;
3) healthy lifestyle;
4) combinations of smart habits.

Oh yes, we are ONLY talking about behavior, not body antibodies (Dolce & Gabbana, luxury watches, puffy lips, or silicone breasts).

That’s why your movements and your human qualities have 1000 times more influence than the contours of your face or body for which you are so stressed, dear reader!

That’s not all.

I suggest you delve into this amazing super sexy article that will give you access to fabulous sexuality! (If you just use my tips.)

3 ingredients of organic attractiveness.

If you want to be extraterrestrial (cosmically) attractive, do these 3 THINGS!

1. Become a bridge for people to themselves.

If there is a person you want to be attractive to, focus on other things than you have done so far. Stop thinking about yourself—take care of them.

And let that person experience their sexuality through you. And the more that person opens up with you, the sexier you will become. You don’t have to study sex physics to understand this. Just try it. I have tried and it always works.

When you’re with that person, don’t think about your downsides. Don’t burden them with your problems. The only thing that matters is whether you help the person you like to blossom, reveal themselves and do what they really like.

“But how to do that?” you will ask. This occurs naturally when you really want to open up to the people around you. 

I will give you very simple but super effective tips: a) listen to the interlocutor until the end and when they finish saying what they wanted, ask them to say more (just let them talk), b) tell the important person that they can do what they want, and you will continue to support them. Don’t just say it, do it. Repeat these words at least three times a month. That they would hear. Because people rarely listen to their interlocutors. They just pretend.   

2. Laugh at yourself in public more often (long live sarcasm).

Or maybe you are inspired by people who are constantly looking for excuses?

3. Be with people to share happiness, not to suck it.

Unfortunately, 99% of the people you meet at work or in your spare time are lubbers who try to use you to make them feel better. That’s why some people blame you because their happiness depends on you, right? Don’t act like them. Be with people only to give a part of your happiness.

“But if I’m not happy, where can I get that happiness?” you will ask. I asked myself these things too. To cope with it, I began reading books on emotion management and letting go. I invested a lot of time and learned how to wake up a good mood. So you can follow in my footsteps!

And you will win!

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean you have to dance from joy and tell jokes. We are talking about a non-verbal language where you just radiate confidence and people very much feel that you are generous—you are ready to give your positivity to others. It’s not easy even I lose this skill sometimes. Therefore, to restore it, I have to meditate. However, after good meditation, I become so strong that at parties I’m like a magnet that people approach even if I’m not in Lithuania, where many people know me.

Oh yes, I know the feeling when people approach you without knowing who you are.

I want you to experience it.


It’s wonderful.

It solves many problems.

And also, when you talk to people not to get attention or compliments (because what’s the point of all that if you feel good about yourself), then people will ask themselves, “Why is he so interesting? Maybe he is very rich?”

In one word, I am talking about the mysteriousness that is born by itself when you ARE such a person. (Not when you’re acting.)

And in other words…

Just stop being an asshole who tries to control other people.

And enough waiting for compliments. Because you are already mature and you don’t need someone to purr, “Oh, how beautiful and sweet you are,” because you Already Know That Attractiveness Depends More On How You Act Than What You Look Like.

Because You Excited A Person More Than Once Intellectually, And Only Then Physically. Over A Long Distance. Through The Internet. And If It’s Possible Online, Then It’s Also Possible Live. Without Even Trying. And Simply Enjoying Life.


Let’s descuss!

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