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How to celebrate Singles Day


Once, four lonely students decided, “If we don’t have girlfriends anymore, damn it, let’s take and celebrate loneliness!” When the other lonely people found out, they became fascinated with the idea and repeated it after a year. After some time, November 11 became an annual celebration in China.

As far as I know, Americans and Europeans aren’t mature enough for this dayfor heaven’s sake, why should one celebrate loneliness? It’s believed that if you don’t have a woman (or a man), then you are a slacker or a loser, and so on. Therefore, if you are already 26 years old and conflicting characters are screaming, “Oh LORD, ARE YOU STILL SINGLE???!!! THIS IS THE END! TIME TO CHANGE SOMETHING!”

But the Chinese interpret loneliness differently, so they celebrate a great, unique, outstanding, charismatic, sweet Singles Day. UNFORTUNATELY… Chinese businessmen are taking advantage of this day. For example, Alibaba sells three times more products on Singles’ Day than Americans do on Black Friday.

Singles Day

Reason: Little who perceived how to spend time with themselves. Therefore, they are celebrating UNWISELY—in shops, bars, strip clubs etc. But the day of solitude should be celebrated not in stores but with YOURSELF!

How can you celebrate Singles Day?

I could write the most comprehensive article on what to do on Singles Day. I will share only the most straightforward tips. 

1. Prepare yourself a healthy and delicious meal! From what you have in the fridge. Something “fun,” something creative. If you have children, do all of it with them. 

2. Get out of your house. Run down the street even if it’s raining. Someone will say, “Alex, it’s easy for you to offer others to run when you live in the French Riviera where the weather is always WOW.” Yes, but even though I live here, I can’t change the weather—it rained here yesterday and today. 

3. Lie in the bathtub for at least an hour. 

4. Meditate with music.

5. Write a poem about something good, an article or … 

6. Go for a walk in the woods (leave your mobile phone at home).

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