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Best ways to learn to like yourself better


Best ways to learn to like yourself better

Do you remember that feeling when you were afraid to look in the mirror? Because you thought that something in you is not nice? Some are afraid to look at their wrinkles; others ___, I avoided mirrors. You won’t believe me, but I thought I was a degenerate. (This thought was ingrained by my classmates and then by me.)

  1. I didn’t like my appearance. 
  2. I didn’t like my actions. I was silent when they laughed at me.
  3. I didn’t like my hair, the shoes that my classmates made fun of. 
  4. I was not too fond of the village where I lived because I was called a ganwaar. 
  5. I kept asking myself the question, “Why am I not what I want to be?”

As you can see, I’m honest. I expect the same from you, dear reader. Why don’t you like yourself? 

I know it’s a very intimate question, but if you want to like yourself better, you should be honest with me, dear reader! Oh yes, it’s so important to like yourself. If you do it, your life will change forever!

What happens if you will learn to like yourself better  

If you start to like yourself more, you’ll gain more confidence, you will: 

Start to feel better

Everyone knows that when you like yourself as a person, you just feel better. 

“But it’s a selfish desire,” someone will say. Yes, this desire is selfish, but you have to understand: It’s bad when you love only yourself. That is why it’s much better when you like not only yourself but other people as well! 

Be more successful 

You know, people who adore themself achieve more things and goals, right! 

Have fewer anger wrinkles 

When you respect yourself, you like yourself, relationships improve. (When you are not a damn narcissist but simply like yourself as a person.) 

Improve your relationships 

Your relationships depend on how you look at yourself. When I didn’t like myself, I was acting like a victim. I was constantly complaining, sad. In brief, “If you don’t love yourself, only one thing you can share: Negativity.”

Stop playing someone you are not! Enough of seeking approval from others! 

I’m sure you know someone who tries to convince others; that’s why they say what others want to hear. You probably don’t like such people. How do you behave? How do you speak, and what do you say? What are your goals? 

Increase your human value 

Imagine not trying to please people because you are doing a very important job in, let’s say, a nonprofit. You help children, and you know it’s important, so you respect yourself and love your choices. I have given this example so that you understand that when I speak of exaltation, I mean positive and MEANINGFUL/important outcomes for humankind.   

I have listed only a few advantages.

Why do we hate ourselves?

The main reason we hate ourselves has to do with our mindset, the goals we pursue, and the values ​​we live up to. For example, when I started my business 20 years ago, I cared what my competitors were saying about me. They left comments online. I was paying attention to them because I had a mindset of a self-important/self-hatred person.

What is a self-hatred mindset? 

Psychologists use the word “self-hatred,” preferring to refer to persons who despise themselves as “people with low self-esteem.”

But I decided to change my mindset. I snapped my fingers and—I’m a superman! I’ve gotten richer, and there are no more worries! I’m kidding! The truth: I had to spend a lot of time changing. Not only that, I learned to keep a positive attitude—to balance. It’s important because self-esteem and self-love can fade. It happened to me many times, but I know how to restore peace. OH YES, since I have exteeeeeeeensive experience, I will tell you what you should do!

How to change your mindsetstart loving yourself more

Changing your mind is a complex process. It’s not the same as car repair, where you can unscrew a part and replace it. You need persistence here—daily training. Science has shown that new habits take several weeks to take root. This means that if you want to get into the habit of positive thinking, you will need to invest at least three weeks. What to do in these three weeks? 

Relax, I will answer!

For you to love yourself, you have to:

1. Learn to respond correctly to inner critics. 

There is a lot of talks online about responding to criticism online and at work. But less is written about how to defeat inner critics who are crueller than external ones. Why do I think so? Because an external critic may humiliate you several times, but your inner critic (inner voice) repeats the same insults hundreds of thousands of times. For example, my inner voice kept repeating to me, “You are not pretty, so you will not be happy.” 

I’m sure, dear reader, you sometimes tell yourself bad things—you blame yourself and so on. Therefore, I propose to read my book, which I’m giving you as a gift: “Free Book How to Kill The Inner Critic.”

2. Update your life goals list!  

Not all of the goals we pursue are reasonable. For example, the desire to be beautiful is not a very meaningful desire. Better to have the desire to become someone who enjoys life no matter what they look like. Do you understand what I mean? 

Even so, I mean significant/meaningful goals. Because there are many more important things in life than thinking that you are not what you want to be. If you are unsure what goals to pursue, read my article, “Wisest goal in life.”

Oh yes, if you change values and goals, your questions will change, and after it, new actions will follow. How to change values? Use books! The more you know about values, the more you concentrate on what others think about you and how you look.

Practice positivity

How to practice positivity:

  1. You can use affirmations. Mantras can help you; read my article,33 success mantras for achieving your biggest goals. 
  2. Assemble a cheerful group of folks to hang out with.
  3. Focus on the positive aspects of your life. (No matter how minor they may be.) 
  4. Concentrate on the now.
  5. Make someone happy by doing something pleasant for them.

And never forget, you absolutely don’t have to love yourself every day! This world isn’t only about you and how you feel. It’s about something much bigger!!!

Let’s descuss!

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