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How to make more time for yourself


How can I find more time

Once upon a time, there was a man who possessed an exceptional power—the ability to function without ever sleeping. He became known as “the man who never slept” or the man who never asks himself  “How to make more time for yourself?”

It was shocking that insomnia had not harmed this man’s heath; he ended up living for 94 years. His name was Al Herpin.

There are many such figures in the history of humankind. Some famous insomniacs are Thái Ngọc and John Alan Jordan. There was also a woman (Inés Fernández) who had always slept normally, but who one day felt a pain in her head. That pain changed everything, and this woman never slept again. As a result, she was able to get many more things done than others could.

I believe many people would gladly embrace having the ability that Al Herpin or Inés Fernández had. People often lack sufficient time (time that could be used to build a business, dedicate more time to hobbies, etc.), ultimately causing stress and anxiety. Maybe you feel similar. Perhaps you’re darting between two, three, or four goals, but you haven’t been able to fulfill them yet, because you don’t have enough time, which makes you feel like a felled tree. This issue can be resolved! Oh yes, today I will give you more than you expected! Let’s start!

To make your life super productive, you need to look at the problem in 3D format. Let’s begin with the most visible side.

“Fast with a fanfare” mindset

The main problem is that people want to quickly fulfill their dreams, as fast as lightning (and preferably without major complications and setbacks). This expectation raises a heap of problems. I know what I’m saying. As a child, I wanted to achieve something amazing within a year. It seemed to me that by focusing on just one thing, I would be able to achieve my goal faster. However, by only focusing on one activity, I lost out on relationships and other activities that I felt desires for.

To be more precise, I dedicated a lot of time to my guitar, but I didn’t have time for friends, parents and so on. I just focused on increasing my musical knowledge. By devoting myself only to the guitar, I felt I was missing something, but I didn’t change anything. I was dumb, so without changing my ways, I moved on towards one goal.

At 25, I dreamed of achieving success by my 26th birthday. And at the age of 26, I was still working to attain broad-smiling success that would visit me when I turned 27. It was an illusion. Instead of looking forward, I paid attention to where I was walking to avoid obstacles that could be in my way. However, once upon a time, I was able to make love with wisdom. I realized how silly it is to strive for quick, superficial success. I decided: a) to do whatever I wanted and take pleasure from my goals as I do from wine, without rush or stress; b) not to categorize my desires by important or less important, achieve everything I want, and what clever people advise me.


I am not concerned about quick success. I have at least 10-30 years left, which means I don’t have to rush! It means, I will definitely be able to do a lot of things; write books, create new projects. Even if I write one book in 10 years, it will be ok. As I don’t need to hurry, I have no reason to blame myself for being a slow bumpkin! And when I don’t blame myself, THINKING ABOUT IT DOES’T TAKE MY TIME SO I FIND MORE TIME FOR OTHER STUFF TO DO.

And the most interesting thing is: when I do everything each day (enjoy life and work on different projects), it looks to people what I am super productive and know how to find more time for myself!

Yes, I do a lot of. Currently working on over 14 projects.

1. Alex Monaco Facebook account.
2. Alex Monaco LinkedIn account.
3. Pinterest account.
4. Exercise / Personal fitness.
5. Nutrition. Unfortunately, some people think that nutrition isn’t a project; however, nutrition determines your well-being and the amount of energy that can be used to achieve meaningful goals.
6. Traveling (I love France and…).
7. Collaboration with various support funds.
8. website, where I write and publish articles.
9. (mindset training)
10. Spending quality time with friends. This is a project that I like very much.
11. I am an employee of Reviewed by Pro, where I work every day.
12. Dedicating time to my parents.
13. I write unique articles for many websites.
On the “So-c-i-a-l media” website, I offer social marketing services (Facebook, Instagram) and SEO optimization. If you’ve read my articles, you’ll notice that I work with digital marketing for more than 17 years. More information here:

15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21…

“Hmmm, you are naughty, Alex! I‘ve caught you! You have spare time, so you manage to do many activities! You are a free air director because you don’t work for others! Haha, therein lies your secret!” a reader will say without noticing that in the list of activities, I added a job in which I work as a regular employee.

I am not one of those who only work for themselves. Besides there are other things I dedicate myself to, I’m also a designer, bestselling author, blogger and CEO of Onbotraining. Every day, I exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes, walking. I also exercise with a trainer twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.) and watch one documentary each day.

I manage to do these activities even though I don’t have as much time as Al Harpin, Thái Ngọc had. Nevertheless, I have a wildly GREAT desire to get a lot of work done… and not necessarily quickly!

“NOOOO! You have ten secretaries who do all the work!!! You have a lot of money, so you hire cool professionals!” a commentator will state, tearing himself apart, believing there’s a squad of undercover workers behind me. Unfortunately, some people’s imaginations lag behind reality. The truth is: only one person helps me: editor/translator. I do the rest myself – write articles and publish them myself. And I create PDF files myself!
How to kill the inner critic (small)
You can download the free ebook “How to Kill the Inner Critic” here. I designed all my books and retouched the pictures myself, and I already have an idea for the cover of a new book! Someone will start saying that I’m talking big. Let it be. But how else to set an example of how much work can be done without stress? After all, I tried it myself, damn it!

Discussion about multitasking

Alex, aren’t you (sometimes) a moronoid? Multitasking is said to be harmful to health; it KILLS BRAIN CELLS!” enemies of multitasking will say. Wait a second, guys! I managed to organize my entire workload so that I wouldn’t work myself to death. I only do a few tasks on Monday. One of them is to schedule the publication of posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other accounts.

On other days, I do other, different activities. I take breaks between my different tasks, so it’s not multitasking! It’s better than school, where young people are given 5-6 different lessons in one day. Let’s calculate how many different lessons students have. It’s difficult for them, but it’s not for me! Because my days are very clear/transparent/regulated/sweet/perfectly polished like a diamond. That’s why I haven’t dealt with stress for a long time.

Metaphorically speaking, I water a separate flower, tree, and bush every single day!

Oh yes, imagine a huge garden with lots of trees, shrubs, and flowers, but you only water one plant. What do you think will happen? Nearly all plants are going to die! Now imagine you focuse on the whole garden! What do you think will come out as a result? The answer is simple! The whole garden will bloom! So if you want a giant garden, you must think like Elon Musk (check this list of projects he is involved in). You need to water all your projects, desires, and goals.

Oh yes, years later, I will have a giant, beautiful garden, while others will only have a tree or a flower. And I will have it all because I adhered to a “super slowly but surely” attitude.

“Super slowly, but surely” attitude 

Call me a centipede turtle, but by thinking “super slowly, but surely,” I was able to do much more than if I would have had the “fast with fanfare” mindset. That‘s why I feel so much better. It even gave me more confidence. Because every day, I drink a cocktail composed of different values ​​+ activities.

It’s true that it will take another 10 years to work with different desires + goals, but in the end, I will have a huge, gigantic, blooming garden!

I will be able to lead my friends and acquaintances here and share the fruits of this garden with them!

You can do it too!

If you take care of the entire garden, you will be able to enjoy the fruits sooner or later. And when the garden begins to bloom, it will be easier for you because you will have little habits that allow you to spend time on all your projects. Voilà! Hurray!

I understand, someone can find it difficult to understand the thoughts of a non-standard person, but we can simplify things. I will add pros + cons to a table in a moment…

By devoting all your time to just one project:

By focusing on three or more projects at once:

It’s more difficult to manage your income.

Imagine starting only one business and earning $900.00 each month.
If you lose your only source of money, you won’t have a dime!

You will earn a more stable income.

Imagine earning $900.00 a month on three different projects. If you lose one of these sources of money, you will make less, only $600.00. If you lose out on two of three projects, you will receive $300.00. But entrepreneurs say that three pockets are better than one. Better to earn less on three different pockets than a lot on one.

You can run into a monster—anxiety.

When you only have one project or business, everything is much clearer and simpler, but you feel more anxious because you only have one “trump card.” You realize that if you fail, you lose everything. After losing everything, you will regret not fulfilling other wishes, not implementing other business ideas.

You can gain more confidence as you do lots of interesting things.

Those with many projects seem to face more anxiety, but Elon Musk is against this idea. Watch how calmly gives interviews! After all, he owns more than one business; he has a bunch of them!

By moving slowly, you will neither be modern nor innovative. Don’t be slow!

Imagine you have three business ideas. You start with one and work on it for three years. In three years, other ideas will get old. By developing two or more projects at once, you can be in the right place at the right time. If you only do one, you are less likely to catch a wave.

You’ll have more chances. People will see your innovation, speed, and modernity.

When developing three or more projects at once, it will take you more time than completing one. However, after nine years, you will have three projects that you have developed as you adapt to market changes. Usually, only 1 out of 10 projects turns out to be the most successful, so my mentors are volume-based. Look at Gary Vee. He has over 10 businesses.

Problems with investments, growth.

The market is constantly changing (seasons, etc.), so you need to invest in the project to keep it going. But what if there’s nothing to invest with? When you can’t invest out of your own pocket, you need to think about sharing stocks.

Fewer investment problems.

People with at least three businesses can compensate for losses and support each other in case of difficulties. Besides, you can invest in development projects yourself without licking the butts of investors.

I hope this table helped!

Can you strive for everything and achieve everything? Yes!

So let’s go back to the main question: CAN ONE STRIVE FOR EVERYTHING + ACHIEVE EVERYTHING? Yes, it is possible! Only you will achieve your goals, not in a week or a month, but after 5 or more years.

That’s why you need to be patient!

Without stubbornness, you won’t go far, man!

Oh yes, take the next step every day, no matter how small!

Don‘t simulate work!

Oh yeah, can you feel the weight of my thoughts?

As you can see, we speak in other formats!

If I was as old as you are today, I might not understand what is written here; but since I am over 40 years old, I understand the essence perfectly, so I feel happier than God himself does!

That’s why I’m working on a lot of different things now.

I’m glad to see how all my ideas grow simultaneously!

If I found out that I was going to die in a few days, I’d probably look in the mirror because I was doing what I wanted, as well as not forgetting my kids, parents, brother, or favorite activities!

That’s why I have an offer for you: Dedicate a bit of time to do everything! Do you hear me? Grow comprehensively! Don’t forget about foreign languages. Maybe you want to learn French? Google says that if you study one hour a day, it takes around 3 years to reach an average level of French. I realize an hour is a lot, but what if you only dedicate 10 minutes a day? You won’t be a great orator in 3 years, but you’ll understand a lot! What will happen in 10 years? You won’t even notice how effortlessly you are able to talk to interesting people while walking along the Champs-Élysées!

I love comprehensive growth

Oh yes, I propose improvement in all areas. In time, you will surely realize how helpful it was! Just like paying attention to your body! Imagine how good it would be if you spent 20 minutes a day on sports. On the other hand, if you don’t have time, you can give your body attention for two 20-minute sessions per week. It would be amazing! I exercise every day right after work at 7:00 in the evening. I walk uphill for 20 minutes.

“STOP, Alex! Wait a minute! You say that it’s bad to try to achieve goals quickly?” one of my students will say. To this student, I will suggest using an extreme goal-setting methodology that can help achieve a specific goal in a few months. However, in doing this work, it’s not wrong to give a little bit of attention to other goals that help to shape personality! You can devote 3 days a week to one project and the remaining days to other projects, as the best growth is overall growth! I have always said that!!! This way, you will avoid feeling sorry for yourself because you didn’t have time to do things that are important to you. ((Hell, text your parents “I love you.” It only takes a minute! YOU SAY THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TIME FOR IT?!?!))

“Alex… Okay, I’m beginning to understand your philosophy… You’re aiming for a lot of things at once. You achieve some goals on Monday, others on Tuesday, and so on! And success will come in 5 or 10 years without even noticing. But what if I don’t know what’s worth pursuing? I don’t know what desires are right. After all, there may be worthless desires that I could later regret,” someone will ask. I have an answer. You see, there are two kinds of goals. The first kind is about the outside. The second type is related to what you have inside: your mindset, and personality changes. Therefore, if you do not know what to strive for, I suggest you work on your thoughts + values, which ​​will lead to personality shaping! Or maybe it doesn’t matter to you what kind of person you are?

So don’t forget about self-development + self-education! Spend more time on our relationship!

You can’t even imagine what awaits you in the near future!

Soon you will learn about a new philosophy that will be a springboard to a new life. I’m talking about a revolutionary philosophy that modernists and postmodernists can’t deny, which means your thinking will be broader than theirs! We talk about what nobody talks about. If you want to receive information about it, subscribe to 12 missions! They are 100% free! Take them here:

Let’s descuss!

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