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10 ways to respond when someone shames you


Imagine an airport and two men sitting on a bench. They have a stormy discussion. One of the men is waving his hands like a mill. Have you imagined it? Suddenly one of the men stands up as if he was getting a cosmic reward for it. 

He shouts, screams and angrily states to the interlocutor, “You’re a gander!”

He walks away, screaming, raising his head like a righteous man. 

Have you seen similar scenes?

So the question: “Which of these men do you think turned out to be the stupidest for the people around them? Who called the interlocutor a gander or who listened?”

You know the answer. 

“Apparently, the most stupid looking is an ill-mannered man who called the other one a gander,” most will say. 

But when they call us different words, we grieve…

It’s especially sad when we are humiliated in public. 

Oh yes, I know this feeling. I was called a sloth at school, just like at work. I was big-headed. It seemed to me that they were diminishing my value by speaking about me. But my worth didn’t diminish because I was called by different words. My worth decreased because I believed what they said and allowed them to influence my mood. But I could take a sarcastic look at it, as I can now. Although sometimes I get angry comments, I leave them because my value does not decrease; on the contrary, the writers of negative comments drop their own value. They spend time on me, not like I spend time on them.

They are excited about my actions, not me about their expressed emotions.

They want my attention, not I want their attention. Don’t you believe it? Eventually, those who leave an angry comment on my site come back to see how I reacted!!!! Can you imagine how important my opinion is to them????

Because bad people want your attention, they want a reaction. They want to see you suffer. And as soon as you give them what they want, they will rejoice and understand that their tactic is working, so they will continue their bad mission. Therefore, resist them. Treat your enemies better than they treat you. Inspire them for good deeds!!!

10 Ways to Respond When Someone Shames You 

So when someone calls you an asshole, idiot in front of other people, go back to this article and read the tips below!

Nine things you can do when facing angry people gossiping about you, putting you down:

1. Remember that people who slander you pollute their image.

Those who humiliate you at work or home lower their value first, not your value, like the man who called the other a gander. It’s enough to just glance at the angry expression on such a person’s face. By behaving so, they don’t improve their image!

2. Remember that those who humiliate you are extremely rude and usually uneducated. 

Yes, that’s right—people that humiliate you usually aren’t educated. And one should not expect intellectual deeds from such a person. In other words, crocodiles don’t know how to act like cute kittens, so they’re not pets—they don’t get adopted to live at home. 

3. Imagine that an hour of criticism directed at you is happening!

Do you remember TV shows where they criticize famous people? See one of the TV shows. See how the man, at whom the whole room is laughing, behaves. You can laugh at yourself as they do. Because those who hold the criticism are inspiring!!!

4. When you feel offended, tell yourself this as soon as possible: “Slow your horses, man!!! Please breathe in some air.”

Oh yes, remember how wise people respond to humiliation and accusations! 

There are many examples on the Internet in which wise interlocutors receive a lot of criticism and accusations but can organize their emotions. Their advantage is that they don’t react personally to insults. They see abuses differently.

I know it isn’t easy; after all, you, the reader, are not a public speaker. But you can learn it. You just need to stop thinking about what you are feeling. Just don’t react to emotions, okay?

Look at insults as professional, as Ben Shapiro.

5. The Dalai Lama would not call you a donkey because he appreciates morality.

As you know, there are those who follow morality and those who do not. It explains everything 😉

6. Consider whether you respect the person who named you in bad words

Seriously, consider whether they deserve respect. If they are not worth it, why believe what they say?

7. Smile, remember how important it’s to look at everything sarcastically.

Remember, sarcasm will save the world. Of course, many argue that beauty will save the world, but sarcasm is more powerful!!!

8. Remember that Alex Monaco once felt saddened too by the insults given to him by immature children and unhappy people. 

NOT only you are criticized. Others feel it too. You are one of the five billion facing similar challenges. 

9. Remember, Alex Monaco gets 100 times more criticism than you

In his home country, Alex Monaco has over 100,000 readers. So he receives over 50,000 views every day. While he receives a lot of good feedback, there are some negative ones among them. So there is someone who attacks. And there are more than one of them! It happens every day!  

If you get comments from angry people every day, it should be tough for you. But if the same people comment on you, it should be easier for you.

10. Keep in mind that your emotions should depend only on you! 

If others influence your well-being, it means that external factors still affect you, and that needs to be changed.

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