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What should I do if I have so many problems?


I know sometimes it seems like the whole world is going against you. So you ask yourself Why do I Have So Many Problems? 

You really tried to solve all problems. You listened to what society wanted. They said you should go to college after high school. You did it! And here’s a new challenge for you – now all you need is a job! Ok you’ve got it. Now you have a new option – get yourself a sweet partner! They will then chase you until you get married. Kids + right nutrition + proper nurture. Later on, they will push you to retire and say that you’re working too much! Later you’ll be reproached for not going to a sanatorium… be prepared to be terrorized in all possible manners pal!

What I am trying to say: you will always have problems! Face it – you will always be a bit strange, too kind, too tall, too small, too thin… but is it all worth giving a shit about? STOP trying to prove people wrong when you know yourself that they are. Instead of all that pull yourself together and be an example of a PERSON, everyone should be. Haha – it’s not that simple, right? Problems are still everywhere and occupy your mind like shitty cockroaches. But are these problems real?

How do you deal with the challenges and problems life hands you? Maybe the person whose attention you want, doesn’t give a shit? Yeah, yeah I know – the world owes it to you man. After all, it gave you a chance to live so how come the world forgot to guarantee the perfect weather and future for you? It could hire Cupid to do the job and shoot that person directly in the heart with his sharp arrow. But let me tell you something – the world owes you nothing! It’s you who owes it! And here’s something more: THE PERSON YOU LIKE DOESN’T HAVE TO FULFILL YOUR NEEDS BECAUSE: YOU DIDN’T GIVE BIRTH TO HIM!

Maybe you have more problems with not only the people you love but with your neighbour or employer or boss? I believe, we will never be good enough for everyone. Just face it – we will still argue with our close ones or acquaintances. You must accept that and understand that all you can do is give them some time, not only for them, for you too.

“A wise man won’t get angry. A wise man will wait for the storm to calm down. He knows that only time is needed and everything will crystalize, the ocean will calm again and the friendship + relationship will inevitably become stronger.”

So… are you a wise man?

Now think about your troubles. Now YELL THEM OUT! No kiddin’ man. Go to a stadium/forest and yell the hell out of all your problems. Loud, from the chest.


You can try to record your screaming on your cellphone and play it. Be honest with yourself – these problems sound silly when you listen to the recording don’t they? Pay close attention to the sound of your voice. You’ll hear that you don’t sound like you believe in your problems yourself when you shout them out loud. They do sound silly, don’t they? My students were laughing for a while after they did this exercise.

Let’s take a look at your problems from a global perspective. Imagine what birds think about your troubles? Look at them – they are soooo caaaalm. Nature doesn’t realize what you are you so stressed about. Animals are clever, they resolve their problems much more simply. For example: Problem – no food. Solution – get some food. That’s it. And how do we – homosapiens – solve our troubles?

Have you solved yours?

Now is the time for a Mindset Revolution!

If you want to be wiser than the other animals, the first thing you need to do is to update not your car or Iphone but your way of thinking!
So here’s your first task – think about pluses not minuses. For example: If you’ve lost your job – consider this as a challenge – stop weeping, calm down, take a deep breath. Find a solution. You can think like this: “Woo-Hoo!!! I was already thinking about getting a new job and now I can go get one! To sum up – Put some honey in your tea instead of just standing there and thinking about why it’s not so tasty!

Problems shouldn’t make you depressed. They should force you to act. A problem should start the action engine in your head!

I could speak about problems 24/7. That could last a while as I would definitely try to illustrate my thoughts with my own true stories. One of these is here below:

“When I was 21, I was praying for it not to rain during my birthday. Now the rain is free confetti for me. Our happiness depends on our experience, attitude and the depth of mind.”

I’m sure that if you were here in my white room and if you could only see how passionate I am when writing these words for you – you would also get obsessed with problem utilization methods in the same manner I am right now. You would be obsessed with making changes for yourself!

By the way, I must be honest with you and warn you: life is preparing some major challenges for you. Ones you can’t even imagine. So what are you gonna do? Sit here in your cozy little corner not doing anything and waiting for that to happen, or are you gonna prepare yourself and learn how to squeeze all the benefits out of your troubles? For this you MUST grab all the challenges in you path and make them work for you. Use them to gain experience, for raising self-esteem! Mill them into flour, pour it into a huge jar and then fill it up with all your wisdom! Mix it! And pour the foundation for your new life! I know – it’s not that simple and easily done, but I’m here to help you! Each day I will show you how to use your problems to make them work for you. So, don’t forget to check my honest letters here:

And lastly:
1 – Problems are useless if you don’t get the lesson out of them and don’t learn anything from your experiences.
2 – People who don’t have any troubles at all are mostly dead people. So – you have a few problems, don’t you? Hi-five my friend you’re alive! AND YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO MAKE SOME MAJOR CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE!

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Alex Monaco


  1. Andy says:

    Too many problems, too few solutions in my life… Thanx for help!

  2. Erin says:

    Thank you for adding an inspiration and motivation to my day! I enjoy your articles and posts on FB. You’re like a breath of fresh air for me! Please keep sharing and and being your fantastic self! Cheers, Bows and Curtseys!

  3. Alex says:

    Thanks for the marvelous posting! I deltniiefy enjoyed reading it, you could be a great author.I will remember to bookmark your blog and will come back someday. I want to encourage you continue your great work, have a nice day!

  4. Edz says:

    What to say ? Just cool article…

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