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Review of “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” movie and why people lack moderation?


Review of “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” movie and why people lack moderation

Today I enjoyed a movie “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” starring Jessica Chastain.

Tammy Faye

If I were to say that her acting was fascinating, I would cheat you. Because describing her acting would require much higher quality words that humankind has not yet created. She conveyed all the love and pain of the character she was playing.   

On the other hand, I was intrigued by the film itself, which is based on a true story that began when a couple in love decided to spread the word of God and created their own TV show that was watched by tens of millions of viewers every day. Although their journey began extremely nicely, it was destined to repeat the fate of the Titanic couple. 

Under the guise of God, the couple began to dig money not with a shovel but with a giant escalator.

giant escalator

They paid themselves enormous salaries—at least a million a year. After all, why pastor and his wife need so much money? I understand that you, dear reader, would need them, but a pastor who serves God… Mh… 

His wife wore furs during the summer, and… They, of course, had to pay for it all, and not just with tears and buildings they had bought for people’s money. 

The pastor ended up in prison.  

Some would say that money ruined them because they couldn’t ​be happy without them. Part of the truth is there, but the point is that they lacked moderation. They may have stopped many times, but year after year, they took money from their viewers even though they collected a lot of it. 

It is where the problem of many people hides.

This movie is an excellent example of the importance of dealing with problems in moderation. And it seems obvious, but go to New York and ask the entrepreneurs who run Wall Street what for they need so much money? 

On the other hand, such people are not only in America. Turn on local TV. 

Or look around at your neighbors.

I’m not talking about money. 

People lack attention. After all, some people can be told that you love them on a daily basis, but it’s not enough for them. And if that’s not enough for you, how can you discover peace and happiness?

Why are people greedy, and why do they lack moderation?

Many of humanity’s problems lie in modern culture that doesn’t deal with such problems. My teachers never mentioned the meaning of the word “moderation” to me, and you, have you encountered the word “moderation” with a serious attitude?

Let’s descuss!

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