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What Should You Listen to More Often: Heart or Logic?

What does it mean to listen to your heart? I will answer!


Heart or logic? I will give you an answer! Let’s start!

Yesterday my stomach started to growl like a cat: “Grrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrr.” My stomach had a violent urge for a hamburger, French fries. Meanwhile, logic tried to win the fight against my belly by screaming: “Screw McDonald’s!” Beware—don’t buy this crap!

Sometimes my stomach wins the fight against logic, and sometimes it doesn’t…

Heart versus brains

Similar fights take place in different parts of my body: in the lower and in the upper. For example, a week ago, I strained my arm, so she yelped, asking for a rest. Yowl yowl. Shit—I couldn’t work for several days! True, my hand yelped only for a few days, but does one behave when the heart yeeeeeeelps?

What if the heart doesn’t just yelp for several hours, but for a month or even a decade? What if the red organ begs to do what it likes (singing, painting, acting, or sunbathing on the coast of Monaco), but you can’t, because you have to work a bullshit job for $? Although it looks like you know what you want, something inside drags you between life’s values, like a zombie from the movie #Alive.

It all happens for a reason we’ll discuss in a moment.

Why do we always choose one thing or the other, and why would it be great to solve this question?

It happens nearly each day in the morning. You feel that something is not right. You face a dilemma of where to devote more energy: in things that you want to do or things that you must do. You could have done this yesterday, or three months ago, but you failed because you tried to choose an option that would guarantee you wouldn’t burn out / make a mistake / lose out on a great opportunity. You are trying to choose the safest / smartest solution, and this factor paralyzes you.

To avoid suffering, you devise strategies to ensure that everything goes according to plan, without serious complications or suffering; but the paradox is that when you plan to avoid suffering, you spend most of your time thinking about suffering, which traps you in a prison of suffering… Moreover, when you search for the perfect super-duper solution, you play the game of imagination, something that brings you a lot of emotions, which, in turn, forces you to suffer more than if you would actually by really facing a problem (in reality, you only encounter a problem once, and in your head, you do it a zillion times).

Try to calculate how many failures, bankruptcies you have imagined. Okay, maybe you haven’t imagined many bankruptcies, but ANSWER HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU IMAGINED SEPARATING FROM YOUR OTHER HALF? 

How many times have you pictured your ex or childhood enemy laughing at you because you failed again?

Such reflections guarantee nightmares and fatigue. Therefore, I suggest you solve this question, and—

Alex, you fool, you don’t understand! This article is not about me, moron! I never, never, ever imagine bad things that could happen to me! one of the readers will start to caterwaul. Let’s leave this reader alone; he cannot accept criticism after all, and for those who are already mature enough for a change, I suggest continuing this vital topic, okay? Let us begin by discussing what it means to listen to your heart.

What does it mean to listen to your heart…

Some people say that listening to your heart means listening to your feelings, emotions. Others say it’s about instincts, Michael Burke (the devil knows who he is) said:
Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.

Others say it’s about intuition, so Oprah Winfrey once openly shared: “I’ve trusted the still, small voice of intuition my entire life. And the only time I’ve made mistakes is when I didn’t listen.”

And psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith believes that we too often drown ourselves in our thoughts, forgetting our emotions; therefore, he recommends talking with your heart by placing your hand on it. Who knows why he suggests using only one hand instead of two; after all, wouldn’t listening to one’s heart with both hands be more effective? On the other hand, his idea would have been supported by Princess Diana. 

Princess Diana’s advice and why I think she was wrong

Princess Diana once said: Only do what your heart tells you.” I would give three points for this advice. Here are seven reasons why Diana’s advice was not very smart.

1. We listen to our body, intuition and heart too oftenwe do it almost always!

Research shows that most decisions are made without logic. I’m not even talking about the activities we do each morning without thinking. Without the use of a thinking organ, we’re able to visit the bathroom; without using logic, we make coffee. Everything happens automaticallyon autopilot. What can be said about relationships? Sometimes you may see a woman touching her hair without realizing it because she’s excited… After noticing what she’s doing, she still can’t control herself… Because we are prisoners of the heart, reflections, habits. You don’t believe me?

Let’s use a study that states that a person may only be aware after 7-10 seconds after making a decision. It means that: the choice is made much earlier than the need to make a decision is perceived. Decisions are made by the subconscious mind. And that only means one thing: Since our body listens to intuition too often, it would be foolish to be sad that we don’t listen to it. 

Or am I wrong?

Look around!

After all, most people do what their subconscious mind tells them to do!

I invite you to meet a 16-year-old computer game fan / maniacProgrammer young
Tell him to listen to his heart!!!

The young man will start laughing! He does it all year round, 24 hours a day!!!

Now try to convince this professional gaming geek to perform duties that will help him in the future (exercise + eat healthily). What do you think; will you succeed? Because teens love to do what they want, not what they should! Adults behave analogously! One is building a house, just like in his childhood! Only the dimensions are bigger! Another is playing with cars, hiding them in different boxes, just as he did in his childhood! Only the dimensions are bigger!

Adults watch television series and colorful movies that help them escape from reality just like they did in their youth! Only there are more colors! Adults, like children, focus on the words I WANTI WANTI WANT!” because adults rarely do the right thing! Amen! (P.S. If you have a question about what you should do, I have a suggestion: Read the first sentence of this paragraph three times). 

But what am I scratching at here? If everyone just thinks with their heads, the cops won’t get paid, and they won’t have anything to eat! Because the amount of police work directly depends on how often people on the streets use their brains for their intended purpose! So the more people don’t rely on their brains, the more…

2. While people often suggest listening to one’s intuition, deep down, they want you to strive for other things.

Answer, do you know people who want their offspring to listen to their intuition and heart? Such people will give up their desires as soon as their children heed their calling and choose to spit on education so that they can D.J. at night during a pandemic… Or draw graffiti on the walls of the Senate… Or stroll about the streets at night with a guy from a bad family… Or work on a favorite job that doesn’t bring any financial benefit… I could go on and on forever…

That’s not all.

I don’t know any woman, you hear, I don’t know A SINGLE WOMAN who would like her lover to listen to his heart and run after the skirt of another, because his heart tells him to…

Oh yes, let’s ask loyal families: What’s more important, fidelity or desires desired by a hoyden heart that starts to beat like crazy when it sees a charming, eye-catching stranger?


I could put a picture of a lovely lady here… Mmmm, how she smiles beautifully, innocently, and subtly… Everyone would like to meet her… Sigh…

So I repeat, I repeat, I repeat: although people like to sing the hymn of intuition, they really don’t want you to listen to it…

3. Your value doesn’t grow when you listen to your heart, but rather when you listen to what other people’s hearts say!

We humans idealize the search for ourselves. We believe that this gives us enormous value. Our value in itself does not depend on whether or not we find ourselves, but on how much good work we do. You don’t believe me? Let’s use a balance scale of values!

On the one side, toss the need of finding yourself, and on the other side, place a duty to society. You’ll see what weighs more…

Come on, what weighs more?

An interesting movie was made about this: “Doctor Strange.” 
I know you didn’t expect me to start talking about a character from the Marvel universe, but I had to do it because it’s one of the better keys to realizing how worthy a cult of the heart is. Mr. strange article
Doctor Strange was a surgeon. Talented. Brash. He did what he wanted / desired and what he understood. He found himself, his body, and his hands because they worked miracles. His body, heart, soul, every damned pixel of flesh discovered this one heart-touching activity, so he was a super surgeon. And then there was a bam. Accident + pain + surgery.


When he woke up, he saw his hands; hands that were destroyed along with the dream. 

Doctor Strange tried to go to the best specialists, but all of them refused to help him.  

He only had one desire, a passion—to be a surgeonso he couldn’t give up. 

In search of treatment, he met a strange, bald woman. This woman gave him something more powerful than his passion for surgery…

She said 

Wait a minute; you have to prepare for this phrase because it’s gold-plated…

But who cares about gold? It’s old-fashioned…

Screw gold! We are talking about even more valuable currencywisdom! Although wisdom doesn’t shine, it gives peace…


Do you want wisdom?

So get ready!

1. 2. 3


In the climax of the movie, the bald woman says to Strange, “It’s not about you.”

I will repeat this phrase: “It’s not about you.”

Although this sentence sounds simple, it’s not superficial. Translating this phrase into English would require over 2,000 words that await you below, in the following text.

But Doctor Strange and his comics are bullshit. Why are you trying to find deep meanings, even where they don’t exist?” one of the readers will try to scold me, to whom I will hand over a book called Doctor Strange and Philosophy.” Let him argue with the author of this book, the professor (who has an important voice in the Faculty of Philosophy) as well as the philosophers who contributed to this book: Michael Lyons, Konstantin Pavliouts and so on.

Good luck arguing with philosophers!  

But few dare to fight philosophers. It’s much easier to attack Alex Monaco, so at this point, the troll squad is rubbing their hands in preparation for a new attack. But I’m not writing to lick the butt of critics. I am writing so that you may get more meat (for reflection) than in other self-development restaurants. That’s why this article is longer than any other article you’ve read online. Admittedly, I could publish all this content in a new book. I would make money. But screw $! You’ll get this manuscript for free, because I love you more than you love yourself. So let’s move on further!

Remember Diana’s suggestion that you ONLY listen to your heart? When do you think she listened to her heart; when she decided to support charities? All princesses support charities!! Diana did more than just enjoyable jobs: she had to accomplish heaps of boring work and take an interest in princess rituals, among other things! Although Diana resisted some customs and work, she didn’t manage to escape 99% of her royal duties. Because princesses take on a lot of responsibilities, that’s why I think Diana’s advice appears arrogant and deceptive.

It would be different if the advice (to listen to your intuition) were shared by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan. Oh yes, this couple dropped their “royal highness” titles because they served premonition. But this decision was selfish, stupid + reckless. Why? I quote: “The couple argues their decision to step down from their royal duties and distance themselves a bit from the public opinion, wishing to lead a “normal” life. However, observers of the royal family note that this will be difficult for them, as such a move will only further increase the interest in the spouses, especially in their finances.”

When they listened to their hearts, they created a pile of greasy problems. Running away from responsibility, they spat in the face of their country’s culture + citizens. As a result, they had to turn off the comments feature on their Instagram account.

As for royal people, I suggest you remember the princess of Monaco, okay?

Grace Kelly was a passionate hunter of hedonism. She wanted to do what she went forfilmingso she pursued and enjoyed the attention of Alfred Hitchcock. But as time went on, she realized that there were many more important things to do. Because if you are crowned, you must serve people, not yourself, and this brings us back to Doctor Strange, who changed his goals as soon as he realized there were far more important things than personal pleasure and hobbies. Because the value of a person directly depends on how much they have given up on their heart’s ambitions.

If you don’t believe this, answer me, what’s the most beautiful thing another person has done? I’m talking about a friend or…

I suggest you stop here. Inhale some air…

O – o -o

Let’s go to Quora.

Quora is a portal where people share questions and answers. Once, a member of the Quora community members asked this question: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever seen another person do?

There were many answers. One of the stories got over 11,000 likes. I’m talking about the confession of a woman named Neha. Let her tell this story herself: 

I was being stalked, literally being shadowed for two months. A guy would follow me in the mornings up to the bus-stop, then wait at a distance till I’d get into the bus. And if I’d take walks in the evenings with my friends, he’d zoom past us on his bike repeatedly and perform wheelies to get my attention. I couldn’t step out of my house without having him shadow me.

I am a loner, I have the tendency to take walks alone. But this stalker was depriving me of the pleasure of my own company. I complained to my mother about the stalker situation. She, being a very non-confrontational woman, told me to ignore him and wait for his “interest-in-me” to fade. This was unhelpful advice. I decided against telling my father because he is a heart patient and gets stressed easily. My brother being miles away in the USA couldn’t do much to help me. (But brothers being brothers, he started to search for pepper spray products on amazon)

I told my guy friends about this situation. Most of them found it amusing. Some of them told me to be brave. Which is sound advice if you come to think of it. Be brave! I wasn’t being the Wonder Woman I had always thought I was. Before any of you ask me why I didn’t approach the police, I must confess that I considered it. But my mother was apprehensive about approaching the police and suggested we approach the stalker’s family and see if they can talk him out of it.

One evening, I was downstairs with my friends (we were a total of six women).

As usual, he began to circle us with his bike. I cursed under my breath. My girlfriends saw this madness. 

One of my friends said “don’t call any boy! We are 6 girls. Let’s take him down ourselves”

He stopped the bike.

She said, Do you have a problem with my friend?”

No”, he said

Then why do you keep following her around and troubling her?”

I do not!”

Oh really? We just saw you do it. I’m taking down your bike number”

Something about that last sentence freaked him out. He quickly zoomed away, guilt written all over his face. My friend sprinted towards me and said, he won’t follow you now onwards.”

She doesn’t spend umpteen hours in a gym. She doesn’t have political affiliations. She isn’t what you’d envisage a typical hero to be. But despite her inability to fly or spin webs, she went ahead and DID something that no one had the courage to even OFFER to do. She did something I didn’t have the courage to do.

She is a slim 21 year old girl with nerves of steel and the courage of an entire battalion.”

A 21-year-old girl heard what Neh wanted. Good girl! A true hero!

This story shows the truth. The greatest value comes from those who hear other people’s problems, not those who hear only their own problems.

Or maybe I’m wrong?

Then let’s put two people next to each other and see which person has more value. One listened to his heart, so he created a new brand of vodka called “Hooks, and the other did what was necessary, which is why he saved a child from an oncoming train!

Where’s your answer??? One did what he wanted, and the other did what he had to do!

So answer what’s better, listening to your heart, or…?

I’d like to look at the reactions that occur in the readers’ minds before choosing one of the two responses. Don’t worry, dear ones. No answer is required. Save your energy for great deeds, because only these make you a SIGNIFICANT people. And if you don’t do those kinds of work, there will come a time when you feel irrelevant because you’ve only been pursuing superficial desires…


Can you feel my energy flowing through the screen? Why am I so strong and charismatic? Because sometimes I surrender to a nonstandard-collective consciousness. Of course, there are only a few freaks like Alex, so you are likely surrounded by more unsuccessful people who think that only their inner voice is right, but who complain about failure…

Such people won’t hug their other half just to tell them, You know, I chose to trust YOUR heart…”

Do you understand what we’re talking about?


Understand that no one cares whether you found yourself and / or listened to your heart or intuition. Remember this: People who find themselves can only receive a compliment for listening to their intuition… And by helping others, they can receive a compliment for not being a selfish asshole. 

But Alex, I have a feeling I have to kill Jews, that’s my gut instinct; why won’t you let me do this?” Adolf Hitler would interrupt me if he were alive, and that’s only because Adolf cared more about his intuition than he did about true values…

4. It may take many years to try to hear your heart… Don’t be lost in dreams, sweet ones!!!

Sometimes it’s veeery easy to hear your intuition. Just open up Google, and your fingers will start flickering with buttons like crazy, searching for tempting keywords, entertainment. But when it comes to one’s favorite hobbies, everything is more complicated and… What if I tell a story about John?

Once upon a time lived a man named John; his mother called him Johnny. Johnny tried to hear his desires in order to understand what his heart wanted. He listened to it with a stethoscope, doing it responsibly and thoroughly. Trying to understand his heart’s desires, he felt like a good man, because modern society praises such searching; after all, isn’t the most important thing to find one’s calling? 

One day, John finally understood what he wanted. He saw some cops and instantly became mesmerized, so he decided to become a policeman. He went online and found information about how to become a police officer. Analyzing it, he came upon a link to a Hollywood movie about cops.

Watching the film, he fell in love with motorcycles. In one of the most action-filled scenes, he saw a man trying to escape from the cops. The police attempted to pursue the bad guy with their large cars, but they were too slow, so they failed. It was fascinating. So John had two desires, but he couldn’t choose one of the two. Since his heart had two sides, one side wanted to be a motorcyclist (which is a hobby and time-consuming activity), while the other side wanted to be a policeman (a career that offers a low but stable salary).

He considered both options quite a lot but was unable to make a choice. Once upon a time, he had enough of everything, but he didn’t change anything; Johnny continued to dream. Then he got fed up again and finally decided to make a choice, but his heart was stronger than his logic, so opting for motorcycles was the obvious choice. However, he had no money, so his dreams remained dreams. He stayed with his thoughts…

Time passed…

After the two thousand and twenty-second check was minted, Johnny kindly told the buyer, “Thanks for shopping at Starbucks. Have a nice day!”

So John knew what he wanted, but…

In other words, knowing what you want doesn’t necessarily guarantee success or happiness…

This is a very interesting topic, so I propose discussing it here and now:

5. You may know what your heart wants, but what if you don’t know how to achieve the goal?

You can be the best friend of your heart, intuition and emotions. You may know what your heart is striving for, but what if you don’t know how to achieve your goal? Let’s say you decide to become a famous influencer. Tell me, how will you accomplish this goal? This task is complicated, so it isn’t enough to only have heart and intuition. Or maybe you think Louis Vuitton didn’t think with his head? So who led his team of tailors? His heart? Maybe his Mrs. Premonition looked for employees by placing help wanted ads on job portals and in newspapers?

So if you need to follow a gut feeling, you should only trust it sometimes when you are in the first stage of making a decision. You hear, only during the first stage! So I repeat, I repeat, I repeat: the voice of the heart is only vvvvery, veeeeeery rarely needed, because everything else is technical work! I know what I’m saying! I’ve corroborated it personally!

So the suggestion is as follows: you can listen to your heart because it helps you understand feelings, but you have to learn how to start to act in a timely manner! Because I know many people who, after hearing their heartbeat, were unable to make any changes because they kept waiting for the next signs, doubting whether their heart was right or wrong. Such people dream until they reach old age, until their last heartbeat, and all the way to the grave, because they cannot get up from their comfy couch…

6. By listening to your heart, you won’t become authentic, unique, or successful.

I have heard many times that intuition can lead the way to exclusivity and uniqueness. This idea sounds delicious, but it’s an illusion. In fact, the more intuitive you are, the banaler you become…

You see, the heart is an emotional organ. The heart doesn’t have as much file memory as the brain, so it can only provide a few options: the desire to be loved, the desire to work in a lovable job. Let’s face it; these desires are banal.

I have met many specialists who do their favorite job but do not get respect from their children, as they pursue standard goals. Or am I wrong? Please, I’m begging you, do one thing: let’s put a million favorite job-working people in a line! Ask them how they differ from each other!!! That they work their lovable job? Oh, what a majestic, authentic, and super-exclusive activity! 

Hey, as you’re working your lovable jobs, praise about it on your FB account! Post this post on Facebook: Since I’m working on my favorite job, love me for it!!!

Do you think you will receive the Nobel Prize?

I suppose you understood what I mean.

But Alex, you’re talking only about the heart! Why aren’t you talking about the subconscious?” a reader will ask.

“But Alex, you’re only talking about the heart! Why aren’t you talking about the subconscious?” readers will ask.

Yes, this topic is interesting because the subconscious is like a warehouse in your parents’ home. The tools you need in a warehouse are always closer to the door, which is more convenient. The subconscious works similarly. In order to consume fewer resources (energy), the standard values will always wait at the entry of the subconscious. Every time your intuitive hands slip into the subconscious warehouse, they only grasp what was most heard / used / watched on TV, and so on. Therefore, anyone who uses their intuition should think carefully about how all these processes work.

Yes, yes, yes, I suggest you delve into the subconscious, at least occasionally. You can only do this with your awareness, dear friends.

In other words, only by using your mind can you become a special person!

Since only a few people will understand my words, intelligent-looking boneheads will continually try to prove that listening to the heart gives exclusivity / authenticity / spirituality, and even divinity…

Such people will scratch my eyes out.

But that won’t scare me, so I’ll hit the gas, which will cause even more criticism and ecstasy! Let’s continue!

So what were we talking about? Hmmm? Ah, we’re talking about uniqueness, success. You see, while some are trying to listen to their lower body part, wise people turn to advertising agencies to order an authentic identity…

“HA HA, Alex started talking about marketing!” will say a critic who is unaware that the author of this article is a flower compared to Gandhi. Oh yes, let’s remember Gandhi.

Gandhi was a great lawyer, a real marketer. He only started protesting when journalists were nearby; he knew how advertising worked. He knew how to achieve goals, and a premonition here did not need more than marketing knowledge. Yes, it’s important that you understand your desires, but more importantly, that people understand your intentions. Therefore, the PR representative was always around.
ghandi ad. Heart or logic?
UNDERSTAND that there is nothing wrong with that, because Gandhi was striving for good things. And it’s not about business, it’s about substantial work, because information about good people can only reach us through marketing channels. This is a fact. You can deny it, but it’s true. Princess Diana also made use of PR. She had worked long on her image, and a lot of good work had been done to improve it, because this…

Hold on, wait a second…

My whole body feels like someone felt cold while reading this article because I touched on a commercial topic. But we are not finished yet, dear ones! There are more emotions awaiting you than you expected, and while you wait, I will touch a woman’s chest and slow down her heartbeat for a moment so that it coincides with mine. Because I’m not here for you to adjust to me, I’m here to adjust myself to you!


Another frequency.

Another format.

Not banal RED ROSES.

Because I don’t listen to mine; instead, I listen to the breath of the world.

Someone will say I speak air, but without air, the critics would have suffocated in less than three minutes…

Someone will say that I pour water from an empty vessel into a leaky one, but without water, a person would barely survive a week…

Someone will come up with more interesting accusations, but let’s focus on you because your happiness is more important to me than my own. So I’m writing to you, not you to me. Since you are more important to me than the image in the mirror, I am writing this article even though the time on the clock reads 3 a.m.


I am your motivation.

I am your salvation…

In the past, I was a clone like everyone else repeating in unison: “But the most important thing is to do what you like.”

7. Those who only listen to their intuition are defenseless + they do not know what awaits them in the future.

The calling of your red heart can demand you to play guitar, start drawing. It can force you to study art. Your heart may ask you to buy a plane ticket to Italy, but it cannot see ten years ahead, which cuts any vision of what you should be at the end of the road. Therefore, there are many differences between heart-thinking people and head-thinking people.

To see these differences, I suggest you draw a line showing the advantages on both sides of the barricade. Let’s start!

For clarity, I will present my thoughts in a table.

Intuition vs. Logic

Those who only listen to their heart: Those who listen to logic:
Such people act like small kids. They want to be happy today. If they don’t get what they want, they feel bad because their well-being only depends on how they feel now.   It’s important for them to feel better in the future, so they are prepared to suffer, which means they are more patient. More stubborn. They don’t quit their job right away just because something has gone wrong. 
They often suffer from reckless actions they have taken while listening to their intuition: they poured out their anger on another person in an inopportune place or time. They calm down quickly. They can be silent in disputes, because they listen to logic and know from experience what will happen if they utter something without thinking.
They don’t spend a lot of energy on time management because they underestimate methods that can save them time in the future. Saving time is not important; the most important thing is to indulge in emotions today. These kinds of people are interested in research and time management; they love to write down their tasks in the morning, planning at least for the next day. They know what will happen in three years, and they work hard to achieve it. 
They focus on personal happiness because they only try to listen to themselves. They focus on the happiness of others. They are interested in various values ​​that are not necessarily selfish. This brings value to a person.
They pursue their goals through emotions and feelings. They care about quick achievements and therefore avoid working on their mindset. They focus on changing their mindset, believing that by changing the way they think, they will get whatever they desire: they will plant a tree that will bear many different fruits: money, friends, and… 
Such kinds of people don’t know what to expect in the future; they are not interested in complicated processes and do not believe in self-development, so they are not ready for the blows the future may bring them. They hope life will always be good.  They know what awaits them in the future because they are interested in self-education, philosophy and psychology, so they know emotions and understand that life is difficult. Such thinking gives them peace of mind and confidence. 

In other words, listeners of intuition and heart have problems with stubbornness. Such people choose their workplace based on how well they feel there. Listeners of logic are much more resilient. They focus not on emotions, but on the result, so they are capable of withstanding suffering. In the long run, these people achieve more because patience is one of the most powerful weapons of successful people. 

The end? Heart or logic?

So what’s worth listening to, heart or logic?

Answer is BOTH!

Oh yes, I propose a balance that the Frenchman Philippe Petit held perfectly. We are talking about a balance of values—the ability to choose more options without succumbing to the devil, but also without giving up the entertainment you desire.

Once again, recall the opinion of the psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith. He recommended talking to the heart, putting a hand on it. Let’s listen to this man; let’s place a hand on the heart. Do it sincerely, and then let’s get to work! Oh yes, please don’t sit all day with your hand on your heart because you’ll squeeze it down, and it will stop beating!!!

Don’t wait ten years for your heart to say something unique, because it has already said what it wants!!!

How to use this advice in real practice. 

Imagine having to decide whether it’s worth starting your studies or devoting yourself to Mr. Business. Your parents encourage you to pursue education, while friends are tempting you with money, saying that it’s better to find a job or start a business because it’s more important that you know about business. So what do you choose? What to listen to, heart or logic?

Logic wants stability, and the heart wants joy. However, you won’t earn from a hobby that easily, so it all creates a storm in your mind. But it can be solved. The smartest thing to do in this case would be to study and work! Yes, you can be tough if you become an entrepreneur without studies, but you can be super inspiring, if you become a successful entrepreneur who has not given up on studying!

Someone will find an excuse that there’s no time to study. To these magnates of excuses, I propose they consider the case of Dolph Lundgren, the Swedish actor and director who managed to learn and train at the gym at the same time + work as an actor + hang out with his girlfriend… I almost forgot, Lundgren is a graduate of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and holds an M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sydney + has a black belt in Kyokushin karate 4 Dan, and in 1980-1981, he won first place in the European Championship. He worked for Jamaican singer Grace Jones as a bodyguard, and…

So, as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, “Everyone has the same amount of time, some use it properly, and some don’t.”

Oh, no… Arnold actually said it differently, so I corrected his phrase a bit. In any case, the main thing is, don’t expect results in just a day, because you can only build your empire in five years!

Oh yeah, I’m kneaded from another dough (with my own hands)!

I’m between black and white!

I am tougher than Morpheus (from Matrix), who suggested Neo choose one of two pills. So, I suggest you take both pills instead of one! After taking two, you won’t miss a single opportunity!

Oh yes, I suggest you choose all your desires!

Choose a desire that brings money + choose a desire that DOES NOT bring money, but warms the chest! Fulfill these wishes little by little! It’s not about speed, but about your stability + long-term vision! I know, it may take ten years, but you’ll end up happy with the results, just as Alex Monaco did! I know what I’m saying; I experienced it in my own skin! I once wanted to write a book. I didn’t have time to write, so it took me over a hundred months, but with persistence, I was able to get what I wanted!

And we’re not only talking about activities that you like because, “A person’s worth won’t increase when they hear their heart, but when they are able to transcend selfishness and finally start to hear what other people’s hearts are saying!”

Let’s descuss!

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