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A Mood Creator


Instead of asking a woman at the coffee shop the reason of her sadness, he began drawing on a napkin. He sketched a really ugly bird and then pushed a pen towards her with the hope that this would encourage her to draw something too. At first, she looked at him suspiciously, however, when he drew the second ugly bird, she picked up the pen and drew beautiful, sunlit mountains. She smiled.

Most of the time, when someone is unhappy, we ask them “Why are you so sad?” Wouldn’t it be better to change that person’s mood by talking about positive things instead? As difficult as it is to help transform person’s sadness, there are people in the world who possess this special skill: we call them Mood Creators. Many people believe that this skill is irrelevant, placing it behind № 1056 on the Skills’ Shelf. On the contrary, it is a priceless human gift. A Mood Creator can solve problems the moment they arise by creating a better atmosphere around himself, whether at work, or in their personal relationships.

So, what SHOULD we say to a person who is sad? This is a very delicate question. In our everyday life, we meet hundreds of unhappy people. Unfortunately, despite years of schooling, we have never been taught how to help them. Let me suggest you the following: remember how the man from the story above transformed woman’s gloomy mood without saying a word.

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