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Qualities of a good supervisor


Qualities of a good supervisor

There were times when I cleaned toilets.

Oh yes, I was a housekeeper, a server, a web designer, a supervisor, a director, and finally an investor. So I have experience. And I can say that all the career ladder’s rungs were super useful. However, working as a supervisor gave me the BIGGEST benefit.

Working as a supervisor gave me an insight into how the world works. Therefore, raising my hands to the sky, I shouted, “I CAN DO EVERYTHING!”

Literally everything and anything!

(The only thing I can’t do is widen the sea like Jesus because admit it, it wouldn’t do any good when you can cross the sea with a ship.)

Being a supervisor allowed me to believe in myself because managers would leave me alone without supervision, but the world didn’t come crashing down because of it. Oh yes, while working as a supervisor, I felt like the ruler of the world, a team leader who is difficult to ruin or break.

I used all my experience when I founded the company ADF and became its director. (After 10 years, I sold this company and now it is called Adface.)

When I became a director, I needed to hire supervisors, so I set clear guidelines on what people were WISE to hire and what weren’t.

So, I’m about to share a secret that will get you a job in any company!

Oh yes, this is a real hack for those who want:

a) Break through setbacks and finally start organizing their life correctly. (Trust me, this requires a supervisor’s mindset.)
b) Get a job in any company. (Meanwhile in my companies too.)
c) Successfully climb the career ladder’s rungs.
d) Get respect from a manager who doesn’t show respect to anyone. 

How to become a successful supervisor and a master of your own life. (How to control the world from the within.)

When we talk about personal achievements in life or at work, I always talk only about a person’s mindset.

“Alex, you moron, are you talking about mindset? I’m smart, but I’m unlucky! Because achievements depend on appearance, acquaintances!” one of my readers will complain. I have a word for them. Imagine that you have an acquaintance and a super pretty face. Someone hire you for it. What will you do in three months when people realize you’re a selfish jerk who can’t communicate with co-workers?

Well, what will you do after three years?

Or what will you do after five years if they will keep you at work just for the sake of beauty?

Therefore, when we talk about climbing the rungs, while co-workers and employers respect you, we can only talk about the mindset that you have in your brain!

If your mindset is mature and you’re a wise person, you can climb the ladder super fast!

However, for this to happen, it’s necessary to work with the following qualities of a good supervisor!

10 qualities of a good supervisor

1. Communication skills

Communication skills are essential. If you don’t have them, it will be hard to create a happy life.

“You’re wrong, Alex. There are many professionals who don’t know how to communicate, but they are successful!” someone will say. Yes, I know such people. But they’re lonely in life and don’t create a warm environment at work. They’re closed and don’t know how to express their thoughts either to a loved one or to themselves. Such people remain employees. They work, work, work, but becoming managers is difficult for them. Maybe they don’t need it, but communication skills help not only at work, but everywhere, so I suggest you delve into the vicissitudes of communication.  

If you ask me, I would suggest that you should be able:

1) Clearly communicate processes;
2) Explain your goals and of course ideas to anyone in your team, so they could do their jobs effectively, which will also reflect positively on your performance;
3) Extinguish conflicts in the family and company and in your own mind. Because when you learn to communicate with others, it affects your whole life and even how you treat yourself.

2. Responsibility, promise-keeping

When I invite a person to a job interview, I always pay attention to whether they’re late for the meeting or not. If they’re late, then I give them a second chance.

This is how I speak, “When will you be able to send more portfolios? Can you make it till 9 am tomorrow?”

If they promise to send me a portfolio, a letter, or something by a certain time and don’t send it, I remove that person from the candidate list. So if you don’t keep your promise, it means you won’t be punctual.

3. Time management

If you don’t plan your work for the day, you won’t get a job from me or any other serious person. Period.

4. Willingness to learn

Yes, if you like to learn, then you will be able to do any work after three months. (We’re not talking about the surgeon’s work.) And if you don’t like to learn and don’t know how to study, then you’re not needed anywhere.

I like to learn. I adore improving myself, and that’s why all employers want me. However, I’m too expensive for them.

5. Friendliness and compassion.

When questions, disagreements, or other problems emerge, the competent supervisor makes themselves immediately available to their team and works closely with it. When your workers come to you with concerns or ideas about the workplace, it’s your responsibility as a supervisor to listen to them. Important social skills, such as empathetic understanding and emotional quotient, are required for this.

6. Abilities in management

The supervisor is ultimately accountable for the level of productivity achieved by the members of their team. This involves monitoring the schedules of the workers, making certain that everyone meets the deadlines, and allocating duties to the right members of the team. It’s necessary for supervisors to have the ability to keep their teams operating smoothly and effectively.

One of the most important management abilities you will need to possess in order to be an effective supervisor is the ability to effectively assign work to the proper staff. You will need to assess the capabilities of each of your workers, identify their areas of opportunity for improvement, and then use those capabilities in the most efficient manner feasible.

If you make the delegation of work a top priority, you will be able to free up more of your own time to concentrate on supervisory responsibilities and the overall management of the team or project. Effective delegation helps optimize productivity, guarantees that tasks are finished correctly, and contributes to the generation of profit.

7. Adaptability

It’s impossible to compile a comprehensive list of strong supervisory abilities without including the capacity to think and respond swiftly and effectively. Rather than focusing on strictly adhering to a predetermined procedure, it’s likely that you will need to be able to formulate a plan of action and settle on a course of action depending on the specific circumstances at hand. In order to solve the problems you’re facing, demonstrate flexibility and creativity, and don’t be hesitant to try out new ideas. Taking this step might instill more confidence and faith in your team in your abilities to lead them.

8. Positive self-talk and assurance

Your manner and attitude are very infectious and have the potential to significantly impact the environment in which you work. Make an effort to face each day and circumstance with a positive and optimistic attitude. In addition, make it a priority to demonstrate confidence, not just in yourself but also in your colleagues. To the greatest extent possible, demonstrate enthusiasm for the organization and the goals it seeks to achieve, and motivate your team members to feel the same way. 

9. Transparency

Try to operate in as much of a transparent manner as possible, despite the fact that you will be compelled to keep some topics private, such as sensitive information about employees or corporate trade secrets. Being trustworthy and forthright with one’s staff is essential to excelling in the role of supervisor. You should discuss with your team any accomplishments, failures, opportunities, or problems related to the company or any of its departments that you feel appropriate.

When it’s in your power to do so, provide them with quick feedback and foster an open discussion. In addition to this, you should possess the humility to take responsibility for any unsuccessful projects or bad decisions. The members of your team are more likely to regard you as a leader if you maintain this level of openness and honesty.

10. Team spirit

Instead of treating your staff as subordinates, treat them more as equal members of the team. Instead of providing a constant stream of instructions and directions and expecting workers to remain on task, attempt to incorporate them in the decision-making process and the process of planning. They should be seen as partners, and cooperation should be encouraged.

A strategy that emphasizes teamwork results in a workplace that is both more productive and more upbeat. In the event that a dispute develops, maintain your authority as a supervisor by acting with self-assurance and steadfastness while at the same time being impartial and objective. Your goal should be to make every member of your team feel that they are appreciated.

What is a supervisor?

A manager who is responsible for providing tight oversight to a specific section of workers is known as a supervisor. Being a supervisor requires monitoring the day-to-day actions of the workers in your charge and assisting them with navigating the duties that come with their jobs. Typically, supervisors are responsible for the following responsibilities:

– Establish shift schedules for the workforce.
– Prepare employees for their responsibilities.
– Provide feedback to staff on their performance.
– Resolve workplace problems or disagreements.
– Communicate departmental aims and objectives to their staff.
– Update and provide progress reports to senior management.

An effective supervisor is a good collaborator who communicates well and is at ease in leadership roles.

How to be a good supervisor or leader?

I have already written an article about it, which you have just read. And if you read it and want more, then let Roselinde Torres answer this question:

Books recommendation on article’s topic: qualities of a good supervisor

Quality of Work Life and the Supervisor by Leonard A. Schlesinger
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
The New Supervisor: How To Thrive In Your First Year As A Manager 5th Edition by Martin M. Broadwell

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