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How to reach your dream goals


How to reach your dream goals

In this article, I will not only tell—I will show you how to reach your dream goals! 

I will give you examples, statistics tools. It’s something unique, warm, and honest. After all, I’m the most honest blogger on the internet!

Let’s start from the beginning. 

When we speak about reaching a goal, there are always the same four steps.

  1. Select a goal.
  2. Set a deadline. 
  3. Pursue.
  4. Finalize. 

So let’s start from the first step. 

The first step: What is your goal?

There are many goals in the world. So it’s hard to choose one or two; it happens because, in order to achieve a dream goal, we suddenly start to pursue different goals, so in the end, we achieve nothing.

Plus, the problem is that quite often, it’s difficult for us to understand exactly what we want. Therefore, even if we achieve a goal, we don’t want to celebrate because we don’t get what we want. I will give an example. Imagine a man who wants to find a loved one in a month. However, finding someone is not the same as building a long-term relationship, so I suggest you understand precisely what you want and why. That’s why I created a sentence that everyone should know: Anyone who gets rich because they want respect from their parents and friends can achieve the goal differently. 

With this in mind, I created two types of goals. 

Type I goals are super light and add value to my well-being. 

Type II goals are very demanding and challenging to achieve.  

The type I of goals:

  1. Work with your personality every day.
  2. Spend time on sports to make your attitude more positive.
  3. To say good words to people. 
  4. Meditate every day. 
  5. Perform meaningful work for society every day.
  6. Learn a foreign language. 
  7. Dedicate time for yourself. 

These goals give me many other benefits, so I pursue them. To not forget about them, I put them on the to-do list that I supervise daily.

The type II of goals: 

I have many goals, and each of them has its own story. I would need a whole book to describe them, so I will present only one in this article. My goal is to sell more than 100,000 copies of my book. 

This goal is super hard. Selling 100,000 books is not the same as going to a store and buying bread. There are tons of variables here. So I created a sentence that could be titled “The quote of the year about reaching a goal.”

Setting a deadline by which you will achieve your goal isn’t difficult, but achieving your goal is difficult.

Realizing this thought, I had to set an exceptionally sober deadline.

The second step: Your goal’s deadline

There are many methods on the way to success, but 99% of them can’t guarantee success. Only the most demanding solutions requiring 100% commitment can guarantee success. 

Let me tell you why I think so. 

Imagine a man named John. He has a dream. He wants to become known all over England. What does he think about how to achieve his goal?

If he wanted to become famous in Monaco because it’s a kind of a certain village about 3 km in size, here he would be able to achieve it in a few years (if he had invested all his time), but not in England. England is too big. Sure, it would be possible to rob a bank without a mask, but such publicity is catastrophic, so I advise you to choose wise goals. 

For example, I want to sell 50,000 books worldwide. 

I know it’s challenging, but I have a plan, so I’m sure I can achieve it even though it’s super complicated and requires much work. Because I believe with my whole body that the harder a path you choose (a path that will make you work for a long time), the longer you will stay on the road, but more guarantees you can have. 

So what’s the difficult path? 

I’m going to run this website ( to become an advertising channel for which I don’t have to pay. Since I am an SEO expert and I have clients in America who are earning hundreds of thousands with my help as an SEO specialist, this task doesn’t seem particularly difficult. So if I work on this website, visitors will find it in Google search engines; it’s possible even GUARANTEE specific numbers. I calculated that if I worked on this issue on a daily basis, my site would have at least 1000 visitors a day in three years. (It would be very poor numbers, but I’m trying to be pessimistic.) Professionals say good conversion is around 0.6 percent. It means that if a website is visited by 1000 people a day, about six people can buy my book. (I tried it five years ago, and this calculation works.) So, if six people buy a day, about 180 books are sold per month (6×30). Multiplying 180 by 12 times, we get 2,160 per month. In total, about 20,000 books could be sold in 10 years. Knowing that in my country, I have already sold 30,000 copies, it would take me around 13 years to sell another 20,000 books in English! After all, my goal is to sell 50,000 books. But what if my site gets 10,000 people visits a month? Plus, what if the money I earn from selling them will I invest in advertising books? Besides, don’t forget that this plan is one of four that I keep on working on! 

Oh yes, I have other paths that I walk daily, not forgetting the one just mentioned. It gives me more guarantees! 

I will mention them in the following paragraph: 

The second way for me to achieve my goal is: Work on social media projects. The numbers here are hard to predict, but if I work on goals for ten years and sell one book for that long, I will definitely sell a lot. Oh yeah, if I take the waves on social media once a year, the bomb could explode! I’m talking about viral marketing. It’s also hard to predict, but if I do it “for fun” and not put too much hope into it, then… 

The third way: Cooperate with distributors. Predicting success here is hard too, but if I work ten years in a row, it’s possible to sell 3,000 books at worst. This number would be extremely low, but I have experience in books distribution. I once wrote an exclusive book and sold 800 copies in a matter of weeks. And 200 copies were sold by distributors in a blink of an eye. 

Oh yes, if I follow all of the above ways and if I only work with one book, I will definitely make it.

Why do I believe in myself? 

Because I use the most brutal methods, making the journey easier because authors of other books don’t want to work hard. They are waiting for success, so they do nothing. And I’m of different blood. I was born into a low-income family, so I work harder than anyone else. It’s my trump card! 

How do you achieve your goals? 

To make it easier for you, I’ll tell you how I’m doing. 

I will share processes. 

Come here in a week, and you’ll find out what’s happening! 

This article is “breathing” and will be updated continuously!

Let’s descuss!

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