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Positive poems for those who want to recharge themselves with strength, happiness, and success


Positive poems

I love inspirational poetry. Not only read—but also create. I have created hundreds of positive phrases, and today, I will share the shortest! If you memorize some of them, I’m sure you will feel more positive! So choose your favorites and save.



Dare to break your bad thoughts—
Send them to the devil.
Let the past evaporate into ashes
Which for decades has had you braced.
And if fear sprouts on the road again—
Utter a trapped word, dare!
After all, there is no other way to the truth—
But by giving the green light to conscious audacity.

Read Aloud

I bet
Today will be an amazing day
Because I decided so.
And if someone tries to spoil my mood,
I ask myself, “What’s more important to me, to grieve or enjoy this world?”


Life is yours, dear man!
You have the right to do whatever you want with it!
Or maybe you have excuses?
Pile them together—
Throw them out the window along with the couch!
Understand this is your life—
Here, you have to F-I-G-H-T to achieve your dreams!

Icebreaker (About Critics)

Go forward calmly but confidently,
Like an icebreaker—thrive through challenges
Not paying attention to the gurgling spatter,
Criticizing every move!

A Punch

When life throws a punch your way,
When you face loads of challenges,
Breathe in more air—
Remember how many punches you withstood!

Remember how many times you’ve fallen,
How many wounds your soul has sustained,
How many times you’ve repeated,
“I can’t take it anymore.”

Damn it, only you know
How much it hurt you,
But don’t dare to lie to yourself—
Because a weak person you are not.

Oh yes, let the painful past
Become proof—a monument to the truth
That you can’t be defeated,
Trampled or crushed.

And the next time
You receive a punch,
May a gigantic desire to fight
Be in your eyes what humanity will find.

Why is it extremely important to learn positive poems

Why not only read but also learn inspirational poetry, especially short motivational poetry? First of all, science has shown that sounding thoughts and phrases are 70% easier to remember in the subconscious mind than technical sentences. On the other hand, imagine that you have learned many short motivational poems about how important it’s not to give up? Wouldn’t that give you strength?

Or imagine two men. One of them learned 30 short poems about the meaning of not surrendering, and the other 30 poems about suicide. How do you think which of these people will be more positive? 

Do you understand what I mean?

I’m not even talking about other benefits that positive poetry provides! Oh yes, positive poems will charge you for the entire day, life and success!


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