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Success or happiness: what is more important, or why do cats purr


Once upon a time, I naively believed that if I became successful, I would eventually grab happiness by its tail and raise my hands to the sky like Rocky Balboa while shouting, “I’m a happy person!” But after I reached success, I stayed on the same emotional level. Because success rarely leads to happiness. But happiness can lead to many amazing places!

What’s more important, happiness or success?

“You’re a fool, Alex… you speak nonsense,” one of my readers will tell for whom I will present evidence.

Three reasons why happiness leads to success:

1. Scientists conducted over 225 studies and found that…

If you take the time to research, you’ll find tons of evidence and studies that show that happiness has a greater impact on success than success does on happiness. Don’t you believe it? Take a look at the report entitled “The Benefits of Frequent Positive Affect: Does Happiness Lead to Success?

I quote: “Happy people—those who experience a preponderance of positive emotions—tend to be successful and accomplished across multiple life domains.”

By the way, this study was conducted by APA (American Psychology Association). 

2. The most successful people in the world also experience depression, fatigue, days when they don’t want anything.  

Let’s dream…

Imagine that success falls in love with you, and you begin to drown in applause, prizes, and people’s attention, but after three years, success is tiring from your relationship, so it asks for rest. So answer what you would do in this case? 

And how to deal with this for a millionaire because success has left him on the ice with empty pockets?


Where’s your answer? 

I’m talking to you, my reader! 

Do you think I don’t know who you are? 

We are talking about gaps between moments of success that all, even the most successful people in the world, have!

But let’s look at this problem from a different perspective. Let’s mention a legend—Prodigy vocalist Keith Flint. Keith was successful but decided to leave Earth. And do you know about Avicii? Avicii was a young and very successful DJ, but his success didn’t save him from suicide. This proves that success doesn’t guarantee happiness, peace, or curiosity in life. So I shrug my shoulders when I hear people say, “Here’s the thing, if I were successful…!”

3. On TV and the Internet, you can see many successful people furious with the whole world.

Remember your boss. He was once an ordinary worker and dreamed of success. After catching success behind the tail, he bought a Wawaweewa (Brioni) jacket. But what of this success when there is zero happiness on your account—when you look unhappy.

Worried man

Look at the politicians, they have succeeded too, but the TV screens are not happy about their faces. 

Although all these people were successful, they lacked the knowledge to feel good, so they were overwhelmed by a gigaaaaaaaaaaaantic sadness. They tried to buy happiness with money and failed, so they bark, bark, bark! 

So, in light of my article, a few facts become clear: 

a) Happy people are not the successful ones, but those who have broken the standards and assimilated the thinking of a positive/happy person like Alex Monaco! 

b) When you have a positive person mindset, your actions and decisions ensure a successful life (in a long-term perspective). Oh yes, when you bathe in pleasant positivity every day, you focus on the essence in the face of problems. And when you focus on the essence, you win more time than those who are sad, complain. And… When you have more time, you can spend it on business and, of course, make a looooooooooooot more money. This is what is called “the happiness equation.” I hope you will use it? 

Eh, if only YOU knew how your life would change when you worked on your emotions every day… Mmmmm…Okay, I’ll tell you!

What happens if you focus on happiness, not just success

1. It will be easy for you to smile for no reason!

Answer me, why is this cat purring so heartily?

Cats purr

The answer: Cats purr not to be happy, but because they are already happy.

Re-read the last sentence. The essence lies in there. Unfortunately, people don’t realize it, so they don’t allow themselves to purr because “Damn, what will others think?”

Plus, people think they are not worthy of purring and happiness. I know what I’m saying because that’s what I used to do. To be happy, I created a task—a barrier by telling myself, “I will only be happy if I jump over the barrier.”

Eh, what a fool I was… 

Interestingly, after jumping over the next damn barrier, I thought, “How small was this barrier, others were jumping over the higher!”

This is how I became a workaholic—a horse. In the role of a horse, I was exhausting myself. (It’s good when readers understand metaphors).

But when I noticed my mistakes, I told myself, “Alex, it’s enough jumping over barriers for happiness—jump (work) to stay in shape. For example: If you make movies, do it not to get happiness, but because you love the creative process + share positive emotions with viewers! And then you will be super successful without even thinking about success! 

“Alex, I disagree with you, damn bumpkin! I’m reaching for happiness anyway, why are you telling me that I’m not reaching for happiness?” a reader will express his frustration, seeking pleasure and satisfaction and at the same time happiness through entertainment, series, beer, cigarettes, the desire to receive many compliments, etc. As you can see, this reader doesn’t understand where true happiness lies and only thinks he is using the correct buttons.

“What are the correct buttons?” you will ask?

I will answer. 

The secret is in the “vibe.”

When you’re in the “vibe,” your business “drives” you. When you’re in the vibe, a loved one wants to be with you. When you are in the vibe, you are successful in business, and they buy from you all the products, all the services you offer, because you are doing business, not for money but because you share a good mood and happiness. 

In short, losers try to create success in order to become happy, and wise people create a “vibe” to share happiness and therefore succeed.

2. The whole world will admire you!

I’m sure if you start your journey with happiness and fulfillment:

a) People will start admiring you—show you tremendous attention.

b) You will find new friends, partners. Oh yeah, when you feel happy and positive, people start noticing you. Admiring your good mood, they want a piece of your happiness, so they start talking to you themselves. And if they do speak to you, you start getting tons of business offers and so on.

c) You will become super successful, and most importantly, YOUR SUCCESS WILL LAST LONGER, EVEN IF YOUR SUCCESS COMES FROM OUTSIDE.  

d) Relationships with a loved one will improve. Plus, when you feel happy you gain trust, making communication easier. And when you communicate easily, it solves a lot of things that used to take three tons of effort.  

Or maybe I’m wrong?

Answer if you would like to live with someone who acts like an ass all the time, blaming others for everything (e.g., because he is not happy)?

“Of course not,” you will answer. You’d rather hang out with a happy person, wouldn’t you? And you don’t want to be with the unhappy ones. Therefore, women leave successful entrepreneurs even though they’re well-known and successful because success doesn’t guarantee a successful relationship. On the contrary, success makes relationships difficult. Why? Imagine a billionaire woman everyone knows… Such a woman attracts the attention of many fans. What do you think the fans want? 

Eh, how good you can understand my thoughts…

Jordan Peterson talked about this problem on YouTube, video title: “Why Successful People Are Often Lonely,” and clearly unhappy…  

This video is about people who pursue success, who forget about other life values and priorities. Oh yeah, it’s in priorities where the answer lies. How people value you depends on your priorities. And if your main goal is simply success, then they see you as a careerist. But what if you made your career through happiness? What if happiness was the bridge to success? On the other hand, why do you need happiness when you feel good anyway?

IMPORTANT: I’m not saying that better business performance is a bad thing. I strive for heights myself, but I also spend a lot of time making myself feel happy today. Everything else will come by itself!


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