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57 things not to do in a rush


Life is too short. Understanding it, some rush to live by Daft Punk music “Harder, faster, better,” But sometimes rushing does more harm than good. To avoid this, I will immediately list the things that would be good to do slowly, confidently, and qualitatively.

1. Putting a condom on. 

2. Signing an agreement for a house or with a bank. 

3. Talking with your mum. (Invest more quality time, dear reader!)

4. Laying down in a jacuzzi. 

5. Exploring artworks at the Musée du Louvre. (Art requires more time.)

6. Playing a pool game.

7. Climbing a tree. (Ask cats why they don’t do it in a rush.)

8. Lifting a heavy object. (You can pull your lower back, so do it carefully, responsibly.)

9. Gaining respect from other people. (Respect is nurtured and earned over time.)

10. Having sex. (Okay, sometimes you can do it fast, but not always, enjoy more :))

11. Reading Alex Monaco posts on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or his articles on the website. (Some reflection on my thoughts would be useful.)

12. Drinking expensive wine. (Never drink too fast, mate.)

13. Passionately kissing.

14. Relaxing. 

15. Playing with kids. 

16. Enjoying sunshine and sunrise. 

17. Sleeping. 

18. Signing any legal paper. 

19. Preparing documents. 

20. Shaving. 

21. Saying things without thinking. 

22. Brushing your teeth. 

23. Taking a shower. 

24. Spending time with yourself. 

25. Creating art. (Masterpieces are born not in five minutes.)

26. Enjoying happiness.

27. Reading a book.

28. Watching a movie—“The Pursuit of Happiness.”

29. Talking with your kid.

30. Making eye contact with your loved one.

31. Learning from life experiences.

32. Dancing in the rain. (You should take extreme pleasure from this.)

33. Doing a presentation to your boss. (It’s important sometimes to make pauses.)

34. Taking pictures without enjoying the view.

35. Growing up.

36. Eating croissants, apple pies or lasagnas.

37. To be sad because you are not what you would like to be. You can really change it if you sign up for the free 12-day Alex Monaco missions! Take advantage of it here.

38. Planning your day. (By rushing, you can forget about what’s most important.)

39. Waking up on a Sunday morning.

40. Driving. (Never heard about accidents?)

41. Resting.

42. Resolve family conflicts in a hurry. Oh yes, I propose solving the problems without rushing! Do it like an icebreaker—confidently. 

43. Going up the stairs or down the stairs.

44. Watching Gary Vaynerchuk videos.

45. Singing a slow song. 

46. Breathing.

47. Petting a cat.

48. Drinking coffee.

49. Doing fitness.

50. Meditating

51. Listening to music.

52. Investing. (Yes, never invest in a rush.)

53. Serving customers. (They need your love, attention.) (You can do this quickly unless you work for McDonald’s.)

54. Judging a person. You can judge, but if you are sure that you will never regret it. Or if the court proved that that person is really guilty! 

55. Doubting yourself or even others.

56. Creating a product. (Your product should be of high quality.)

57. Lowering the price and setting up discounts. (I’m about selling yourself.)

So, these were 57 things that you shouldn’t do in a rush. I hope you received value, and please don’t live like a fast rabbit. Sometimes you can step on the gas pedal, but the smartest thing to do is take breaks during which you can rest and recharge your energy!

Things you shouldn’t do at all:

1. Starting a physical fight with an immature person. 

2. Licking someone’s ass.

3. Giving up.

4. Commenting a post without reading it thoroughly.

5. Swearing.

6. Answering the phone while driving a car. (Protect your own life and that of others.)

7. Pursuing cheap popularity, cheap respect.

8. Being very sad that you are in a bad mood. (A bad mood is as temporary as bad weather.)

9. Chattering to a stranger about family problems.

10. Sharing inappropriate jokes.

11. Stating that all your life is lost and over.

12. Spreading negativity.

13. Lying to others.

14. Lying to yourself.

15. Being good for others just to gain benefits only for you.

16. Being jealous. (Only the selfish are jealous.)

17. Investing only in your external beauty and not internal.

18. Harming yourself.

19. Throwing trash out your car window.

20. Showing middle fingers through the car window. (You shouldn’t do this, even if a traffic beacon is trying to overtake you.)

21. Leaving your child in a car without supervision.

22. Smoking more than one cigarette per month.

23. Drinking alcohol during weekends (approx. five beers).

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