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What if all your wishes come true and the universe always gives you what you want?


What if all your wishes come true and the universe always gives you what you want

Imagine being able to connect to the universe motherboard, and by hacking the codes, you can get whatever you want. All you have to do is to enter your wish in the field (as in any Google search engine), and the universe will make it come true.


Realizing you can get anything, you almost pass out. Do you know how a small child would feel after receiving three tons of candy? He would faint! 

Damn it! You’ve tried to achieve your goals all your life, but you don’t have to do that anymore! You can get anything! After inhaling some air, you think about what to ask the universe. It’s hard to ask for anything meaningful at a time like this, so you think, “Well, what if I order a Jaguar?” 

You enter with your keyboardI want a Jaguar.


This Jaguar appears in front of you.

“But I want a newer one,” you state! The universe shrugs its shoulders, “But you didn’t provide detailed information! Be more specific next time! More details!” 

You concentrate and specify, “I want a newer Jaguar from 2000.”


You get angry because your new Jaguar is broken. 

“I had to explain exactly to the universe what I want as it requires clarity, just like Google does when we look for answers,” you think. You enter in a field, “I want a brand new, unbroken, and newest Jaguar.” 

A pink car appears in front of you. You didn’t unforeseen you needed a different color. You define the task in detail. Entries in the wish system, “I want a new unbroken silver Jaguar.”

The universe is starting to get a headache for your nonsense. But it is in your slavery, so it fulfills your wish. Bam! Can be heard an interesting sound effect, like the waving of a wand and voilà – a beautiful silver car appears in front of you. The sun-shining Jaguar seems to be begging for itself, “Try me, go with the wind.”

You open the door, but you can’t get in because someone is sitting inside. 

“But where did this person come from?” you shout. The universe justifies itself, “Well, I found this car and didn’t notice the man sitting there.” 

You refine the task again, and the person disappears. 

Finally, the place is empty. You try to drive the car but unsuccessfully… You glance at the panel. No fuel. You look into the eyes of the universe. You state, “Why didn’t you take care of the fuel?” 

“Do you think I’ll be refueling your tank all the time?” console herself the universe, narrowing its eyes…  

But the universe can do anything, so the fuel appears in the tank. But the car doesn’t start. It turns out that the universe didn’t add gasoline but diesel… Because how does the universe know what fuel the Jaguar uses?

“No, I don’t need a jaguar, common, create me a car that doesn’t need fuel! Let my new car be the car of the future that Tesla will create in 2060!” 


Bam, you get a car that drives generating energy from atoms. The car is so advanced you don’t even have to drive it, so there’s no steering wheel there which makes you sad because you like to manage the situation yourself, right? 

Somehow many people would like to get behind the wheel of a car, but few want to get behind the wheel of life to steer it themselves… 

We are already like that… 

We think we will be happy by having a wand, but the wand doesn’t know what we want. What’s even worse is that we don’t even know what we really want. And you don’t know what you want, reader. You just think you know, but you have a hard time explaining it, figuring out your thoughts. For example, if I gave you a piece of white paper and asked you to write down your wishes, it would take you more than a minute…  

There is such a movie. In it, the main character takes over the power of God. He can get whatever he wants. But he fails. Because the universe doesn’t realize what he wants, he asks the universe to change its appearance by declaring, “I want to be a smart man”, but the universe understands these desires differently, so when he looks in the mirror, he gets scared because he sees Einstein’s face in it. Because he asked the universe to become smart. You see, we humans rarely understand the meaning of the words we use to talk about desires. When we think of happiness, we think we have a vision in mind, but we’re not sure what that happiness is. And here comes the complication. 

We think we want money, but when we receive it, we realize that we want peace, happiness, and emotions that cannot be bought. We start to pursue wise things, but we move towards money along the way. And then we try to get back to value again. This is normal because we are human. For a person, it’s common to make changes in mood. Sometimes we want to eat, and sometimes we don’t want to eat. It also depends on the weather. Let’s say when it’s hot, we want more water—not even mentioning diseases. When we’re sick, we only want one thing—to recover. When we recover, we want something different. 

After buying a car, we want to go somewhere to the coast, where, after leaving it on the coast, we could go for a walk… This desire is quite strange because you don’t need a car to go to the seaside, right? You just need friends and a train… Because what matters is not how you got there, but with whom… 

And we lash around… 

We think when we get what we want, we discover happiness, but it’s an illusion. The truth is that if we didn’t lack anything, life would be dull. 

So I suggest you accept the fact that no matter what you do, you will be missing something. It will always be like that. And the bad thing is, the easier it is for you to get what you want, the more boring and meaningless your life becomes. 

And the easier it’s for you to achieve your goals, the fewer people will respect you. 

Don’t you believe it? 

Imagine that you succeed in everything. You have the desire to win the Olympics, and you are successful for the first time. Sure, a lot would surprise you, but hardly anyone would respect you because you betrayed athletes who worked more than you did. Oh yes, if you won the Olympics with one click, you would be disqualified because supernatural powers would be valued worse than doping. Oh yes, I’m 100% convinced that if everything went well for you, you would curse this life because it would be unbearable. This is what I’m writing about. You will like it. Follow the news!

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