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What to give a loved one: What is a REAL gift?


What to give a loved one What is a REAL gift

If you give your friends chocolate during the holidays, your gift will soon face an unpleasant journey through the looooooong intestine… It will be the same where cakes, drinks, etc., land. Things will have similar experiences. They will end up in a cold wardrobe or a dark room and then in the trash can…

So, do you know what to give your loved ones on holiday (or birthday)? 

Remember: You are not unique just because you give sweets and “toys” to your children or friends and more… “But people experience amazing feelings when you give them all sorts of little things.” one of the impatient readers will interrupt me. I have a word for him. I don’t forbid you from giving little things to others, but what if those people who are close to you received something that would for a looooooooong time leave a natural smile on their faces + warmth in their hearts? In this article, I’m not going to give you the most amazing book—the best book, “Happy Bastards”—something that can be burned. Today I’m going to tell you about a real, invaluable GIFTS that will make an impression for months, not for an hour or a few hours.!!! Let’s begin?

I won’t hide; I used to love to receive gifts. Once on my birthday, my brother got more gifts from my grandmother than I did. I remember how hysterically I cried. But one day, everything changed. I find things only give you a few grams of emotion, so I wanted more—support/respect/recognition. But my actions did not bring any results. Everything seemed to change when I graduated. Not even close! After receiving my first salary, I only enjoyed a few days…


It looks like I had something to put in the barracuda (stomach), but even though I often felt full, my soul was still hungry…

I had a warm house, a blonde with big lips, but it was cold inside—my heart was frozen.

I felt old, even though I was half my age…

I had a favorite profession + business + money + customer appreciation, but my friends didn’t understand me… I have felt what billions of people feel, including your friends and close people who feel alienated, lonely, and misunderstood at this particular moment. I deeply believe these people would like something I wrote this article for. You won’t buy what I’m talking about in the store, but you can make it at home!!!

Are you interested? I’m sure I will NEVER take back the words I will say now!


Give your loved ones during the holidays a new self—the best version of yourself!!!

French Riviera

“Buuuuuuuut I don’t want to be a gift to other people; I’m not a prostitute.” one of my readers will say… I have a few words for him: If you don’t want to be a gift, become the world’s eighth wonder! Remember: There is no greater gift than attention, understanding, and support! “Alex Monaco, everything is okay with me; I’m a walking gift anyway. I inspire people and support them. Besides, wherever I am, it’s a-l-w-a-y-s fun and good, so why would I want to change anything?” thought one of the readers, for whom I have a few questions below. Questions:

  • Do you really always listen to your friends to the end, or is it more important for you to express your OPINION?
  • Do you remember the last time you hugged them because it’s Monday and not because the photographer was standing in front of you?
  • Can you forgive in a way so that you no longer remember the damage?
  • When was the last time you told your friends and loved ones that you respect or love them, or maybe you only do it during the holidays?

You probably understand what I mean? I’m not talking about quick—shitty gifts, but about crazy GREAT-caliber gifts that change the mood not for one dry evening but for a whole year, damn it!!! Just think how happy everyone would be if you become a HUMAN BEING who doesn’t take everything personally, doesn’t get jealous unnecessarily, doesn’t take revenge, but inspires, warms up, does more than talk—really helps in making your dreams come true!!!

Alex Monaco French Riviera

“Alex Monaco, I’d like to share my warmth, charisma, inspiration, and so on with others, but I don’t have it all! Where can I get it all?” someone will ask… Eh… That’s the way it is; you can’t go out to the supermarket and scream, “Please weigh me a pound of experience and happiness—I want to give it to my friends!” So it won’t be easy for you. But I will give you advice.

What if you first gave a gift to yourself—your new self?!

“Alex, enough theory; where are the real suggestions?” thought one of my readers. I have a suggestion!

Send me this email:

“Alex Monaco, I promise in 9 days I will smash the broken character foundation + do whatever I can to change. I will read your articles dozens of times—getting the most out of the information you gave me! I promise to pay you a fine of 30 dollars if I don’t reach my goal!!! I sign with blood!”

Send this email here:

By the way, it really pays off to take up this challenge because after winning the bet, you will not only change but also: a) You will save $30. b) Understanding that immaterial gifts are the best will save you money… Important: I remind you that you can give stuff, just please don’t give it a meaning so some little thing you can give. Come on, where’s your letter? That’s not all! Remember: If you want to reach a higher level, you should kick the old I in the butt! Let it roll somersault to the hell!!!

You can’t even imagine how your life will change when your mind is flooded with happiness + fulfillment! When that happens—you will automatically inspire hundreds of peoplestart the engines in their minds + hearts and become the greatest gift for friends + another half + world + planets + galaxies + universe! I know what fulfillment is. I know what it is edible with. I French kissed it more than once. I know what to do when it disappears. I know how to water it + look after it + care for it. It’s not easy, but you can’t even imagine how good it feels under the skin. Imagine how good it would be to wake up in the morning, feel calm in your chest, and know who you are and what you want… Mmmmmmmmmmm… Don’t you want it?  

As soon as I felt fulfillment, amazing people showed up nearby!

So what will you give your loved ones during the holidays? Mhmmm. Why wait??? What if you did it now…


What if you shared with your loved ones what could not be bought?

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