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What happens when you change your mindset? Prediction


Dear reader, you may call me a prophet, but I know what will happen when you change your mindset.

What happens when you change your mindset? Prediction.

If you change (for real), then when you go to a mirror, you will say the following words to yourself, I ……… (your, dear reader, name) …….. (surname) have traveled the world nine times! I’m not talking about the material world; I mean the spiritual world, so I understand what I want + what is worth pursuing!

True, it was difficult for me, even though my expectations were broken a thousand times—I didn’t give up, I collected all the crumbs and made out of them a beautiful life of my dreams, shining with different colors! I called this day AWAKENING! 

Oh yes, I managed to show doubts the middle fingers of both my hands—BAM!

And today, I control my mood like a surfer catching a 100-meter wave!

At the moment, I feel great, no matter what the weather is outside!

I don’t need cigarettes to relax (like others do)! I don’t need alcohol to make me forget! I don’t need a Red Bull to spread my wings. (Corporations don’t f*ck my brain anymore!)

I learned a lot of things; laugh at myself, at what was, and at what will be!

I learned to balance between sacrifice and profit, forests and cities!

I stopped thinking about what others would say as I stretched my hands through the windows of a moving car!

I unleashed my potential! I became unfaithful! Oh yes, at the moment, I’m NOT FAITHFUL to fear and doubts. I used to make love with them, but stopped! I started making love with positive emotions!

Oh yes, I fell in love with this world—I love it more than it loves me. (With all pixels of my body.)

I fell in love with sunrise, sunset + rain!

Yes, I fell in love with the rain.

That’s why I love catching raindrops with my tongue!

And I can’t get enough!

Oh yes, my desire to experience and discover is so gigantic—it extends beyond the boundaries of the galaxy.

I adore food. I eat slowly, and I’m glad I’m not afraid to murmur out loud, “Mmmm…”

I love candles—I burn them for no reason; I just do it because I know not everything needs to be explained.

And music? I adore it too—so I make it louder up to the “ceiling” in both the car and my heart.

I spend more time on sports. Why do I do sports? Not because of a firm belly, but because of a sober mindset! I don’t know how it works, but it’s the sport that helps me speed up the processor in my head. Sexual thinking is more important to me than six-pack! Yes, appearance is important, but nothing is more important than my actions!

That’s not all!

Once I was afraid of loneliness—I stopped. And people started to get closer to me—like flowers rising to the sun! And now it doesn’t hurt me when a loved one doesn’t behave as I want—by feeling it, they want to be with me! 

I love my homeland!

I love people close to me. (Although sometimes close people make mistakes and act unreasonably, I don’t teach them how to live. I don’t toss my truths to them! I live in such a way that by seeing my achievements + noble deeds, they would like to follow my example themselves!) I often thank them for being around! (And once again, I thank Alex Monaco for writing this fulfillment doctrine which I recite because I managed to change my mindset!!!)

Oh yeah, I feel something extraordinary. It will take three volumes to describe this feeling because I have achieved more than just happiness! I have achieved emotions that millionaires can’t buy with money—I’m talking about fulfillment and peace. I found something in myself that was forbidden to talk about in school. So I realized that I’m not only a child of the Earth but also of the universe, so I’m not limited to the standard mindset developed by jackals wearing human clothes! That’s why I don’t sort people according to their approach to me: I’m beyond compressed mindset, revenge, and hate. I don’t see the need to argue because I see myself in everyone. I can see the emotions I experienced in each person. And I accept them. I used to be afraid to experience sad emotions, but that has changed. Today I don’t feel frustrated when sadness overwhelms me. I understand two truths. The first truth: The more emotions you experience, the more VIVID you will be. The second truth: Doing good deeds is more important than being sad because you are not doing well. So I’m not going to pretend that my life is always stretched like a string—it’s not, but my mindset is balanced. My mindset is balanced like a violin, so God himself can easily play on it, just like Satriani. Oh yes, I give myself to the world, and it gives itself to me!

Now I know there’s nothing I can’t learn. There is nothing I can’t achieve—it all depends on me and each of us!

Let’s descuss!

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