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Why does life suck?


Sometimes life sucks. And I’ll tell you why!

10 reasons why does life suck

1. The weather is constantly changing, sometimes it rains, and it’s cold.

When I lived in England, I heard a lot of “weather sucks here” phrases. However, Eskimos hardly would complain about English air; they are not spoiled!


On the other hand, Eskimos do not pay for renting an apartment…

2. Life is complicated. 

I won’t sing a song that it’s all okay and you’re the only one to blame for what’s happening, but the truth is that sometimes life puts us through extremely difficult challenges. And even if you are positive, you can say: “Damn, how it sucks.” 

For example, one day, when I went to a bar and ordered a Coca-Cola, I got a Jack Daniels. Someone would be happy, but I didn’t want to drink. Despite the mistake, the waiter asked for payment. It made me angry. 

So no matter how good a person you are (oh yeah, I’m super good), sometimes you can meet idiots who suck. But let’s be fair, sometimes I suck too. 

Once a disaster happened when I worked as a server at the Victoria Hotel. Imagine I poured hot water over the client’s hand. So far, I can’t believe it, but I did. Oh my word, how mad was the client … She has made a noise! 

So as you see, even I suck sometimes. 

Everybody sucks sometimes. 

Some people suck sometimes, and others permanently. 

For example, governments suck. Putin sucks. And Congress sucks. And unfortunately, you can’t change it, so there are three options left:
a) Be sad. Ask yourself 1000 times in a row„
why does life suck”. It will help. Maybe.
b) Go to Congress and become a person who sucks.
c) Simply live your life recognizing that life sucks.

3. Your body gets tired sometimes.

Our body is a vehicle for the soul that needs to be recharged sometimes because we exhaust energy during the day. When the body feels tired, our brain starts screaming: “Go to sleep, go to sleep!” We feel nervous, and the last thing we want is to receive criticism from passers-by because you know you’ll want to stick the commentator to the table like a fly. In other words, fatigue in the body affects our mood. And when you are in a bad mood, the whole world seems to be showing you horns. 

But it just seems like it. 

Therefore, I suggest looking at yourself from the side more often and asking, “Am I tired? What if I get some rest?” 

Unfortunately, it happens that we have chronic fatigue. In this case, we can feel bad every day. You have to fight it. You have to take it seriously; who knows why you’re running out of energy. Maybe the problem is with food or a lack of vitamins. Don’t forget about the depression that has long arms. Take care of yourself! 

4. The law of attraction doesn’t work. 

Some people say that the law of attraction works. Bullshit. Sure, I wish the law of attraction would work, but this law sucks, so… 

On the other hand… I admit that the law of attraction can help you understand what you want. But without planning and pursuing goals, it is tough to achieve them. For example, I have tried to use the power of thought and hammer a nail against a wall without taking a hammer in my hand, but there are no miracles… 

“You’re an idiot, Alex, law of attraction works,” will be written by a man who has not yet achieved his dreams because he is lazy to work. After working three months on their business idea, such people throw it into the trash, claiming that the business has failed. But to become a successful marketer, it took me over three years of “plowing” to get closer to it. Only after three years did I get serious clients! 

But few want to spend three years to make their dreams come true. It’s easier to think about dreams and wait. Unfortunately, a dream is nothing, so dreams remain dreams, and then they turn into thoughts that life sucks because it doesn’t fulfill desires.  

5. We are surrounded by shitty people. It sucks, right? 

Many different people in the world will put sticks in your wheels, even if you give them your last bite of bread. For some, it is entertainment; for others (competitors), it is serious work. 

Do you remember Judas? Judas’ story is very charismatic because it tells you that you can be highly generous (like Jesus), but they will still betray you. This is our world. This doesn’t mean you have to be like Judas; on the contrary, you shouldn’t be like Judas. And I won’t say precisely why. Just being Judas sucks. 

6. Low-paying job.

I worked as a server, housekeeper, and assistant in a factory. I received pennies for these jobs, so I hated them. But hard work helped me realize that I needed to change my mindset. Therefore, if you work at a bad job, be aware that this may motivate you to make meaningful and important decisions. Read books about very successful people. In the books, they talk about how they hated a poor job and decided to create opportunities for themselves.

7. You don’t feel purpose. 

Sometimes people lose purpose, but it always returns. You need time, and everything will be okay! We can bet! Visit my blog more oftenyou will get inspirational articles! 

8. life sucks because it’s easier to be sad than to be positive.

You have to look up to see the sun, but it’s much easier to see under your feet and at the mud on the street.

9. The person you love doesn’t behave the way you want.

Everything is clear on this point. You’ve already found out that all relationships suck sometimes. Because we don’t get what we want. But that is not to be expected too much from the world and other people.

10. Your mom or girlfriend doesn’t act as you want

When I was little, I thought, “Life sucks because mom didn’t let me play a computer game.”  

Final words about f*cking life

Sometimes life is extremely impudent, so it sends us lots of challenges. And we reluctantly start to get angry. But… know, there is always someone who feels worse. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Someone lost a leg right now, and someone didn’t have one at all. Someone got poisoned, and someone had an accident. Someone got angry with the girl and wants to commit suicide because of it, but he has already spread out with the same girl 22 times. It’s just that people don’t learn from their mistakes and let their emotions decide how to feel and…  

“Yes, Alex, I totally agree, people don’t control their emotions,” a reader will agree with me, to whom I will ask a question: Reader, answer, do you control your emotions or do they control you? I hope you answer honestly!  

Oh yeah, where’s your answer? 

What do I want to say?

That everything is in our heads. 

If you think life sucks, then it does. If you BELIEVE THAT YOUR LIFE is awesome, it’s true. And when next time you will ask yourself „why does life suck?”, just return to this article. Read this article and…


  1. Wilmer says:

    Great article. Making you think about the need to rejoice and enjoy every event. Even in sad moments to rejoice, because permanence is not life. Life changes as emotions and learning to enjoy not only good emotions makes life much brighter and better.

  2. Emelia Lee says:

    Great article. The conclusion, I think, life is like a journey and without challenges and tasks, it wouldn’t be so special.

  3. Luna says:

    Thanks, I like it. I always like all your thoughts. Great, beautiful, wisely written, even though it sucks to write, but successfully written. I’ll have to read more so that life doesn’t seem so bad.

  4. Juliet Morris says:

    It sucks to read books, but if it is interesting, one can’t put it down – if life gives way, then there will always be a solution – there is ALWAYS a way out!!!

  5. Rachel says:

    There are a lot of things that suck me, like washing dishes, tidying rooms, cooking, washing again, and many other things, but that’s the way life is. But there are probably also some good things that don’t suck?

  6. Kaylee Hall says:

    Congratulations on another great article. Life really sucks, but it’s not bad. Life gets more and more fun… If everything was fine, it would be uninteresting. And apparently too “easy” to live… because life is also a “roller coaster.” I’ve noticed that our thinking changes over the years, and we look at many things differently. I wish you luck. New inspirations. Well, and for us, good and instructive thoughts. You are amazing.

  7. Sierra says:

    Very well written, lots of positives, but life doesn’t suck. I learn from mistakes. Thanks for the article.

  8. Colby says:

    The fact that this is true, we all fall into this routine of daily work, everyday life and get angry for no good reason – sometimes it gets even worse… And for us, everything is very good. 

    Good article! Thank you, Alex!

  9. Caroline Howard says:

    Yes life really sucks, but it’s not bad, it’s getting more and more fun to live… If all was well, it would be uninteresting. I have noticed that the mindset changes over the years and there are far fewer details that get on my nerves. What looked like a tragedy at a young age now makes me laugh.

  10. Stephen Wright says:

    All topics, thoughts are relevant to everyone! There seems to be nothing new, and when you think about the thoughts and remarks you have made – really, everything is true, I measure, read and measure – it really sucks, but so accurately!!! For the vast majority, and for me… Thank you

  11. Thea says:

    Interesting article. Even though I knew life really sucks, but when you wrote about it “aloud,” Alex, I thought again that not only does it suck for me but for you too. You made me think that we are not the navel of the world here. The world is spinning; it won’t stop, no matter how bad it sucks sometimes. But then, after reading such motivational articles, you find that it is not bad for you alone sometimes, and you continue to look for positivity.

  12. Onida says:

    I agree, but there are many more reasons why life sucks than what is written here. A million of them, maybe.

  13. Perla says:

    I completely agree; living without challenges would be extremely boring. If something sucks, then more has to be done. After all, we don’t get everything on the plate.

  14. Elliot James says:

    Yes, the real truth is written about starting a business. There are activities and ideas that many people would not even dare to take on. And if they did, they would throw them away after 3 months. By the way, for some reason, those things that are extremely important and valuable are often underestimated by us. For example, before you start going to the gym, it looks like it would be good to get in shape and lose fat from the abdomen. But it takes a lot of effort to go to the gym and force yourself to put in a lot of effort. However, achieving results by improving physical fitness makes it very easy to take on bad habits.

  15. Faris Watson says:

    Very familiar situations. After all, life sucks. And people suck. And you piss someone off. Lux

  16. Malcolm says:

    You know, there were times in my life when people annoyed me, I wanted to spit on everything, but you look around and see that you can’t throw everything away, because you have 3 people who care about your experiences, emotions, and life itself. Thanks to you, your readings are very interesting and make me think a lot. Good luck with your further writings.

  17. Daniela Morris says:

    The feeling that my thoughts were written by someone. Thanks for organizing everything, putting it in places. It was a hard day, it really sucked for me, but tomorrow I will get up and go because new challenges are waiting for me. Thank you Alex for succeeding on the path of your dreams and goals !!!

  18. Jeffrey says:

    Now I know why life sucks. Thanks for helping me understand, Alex.

  19. Fiorella says:

    Thanks a lot for this article. I received the e-mail on time and, most importantly, I did not miss and read it. Today is such a difficult day, I’m lacking energy. I’m angry with everything. But after reading this article, it all calmed down.

  20. Yaqub says:

    As always, accurately, and argumentatively, your thoughts are perfectly aligned with time-tested arguments.
    So stay a positive, purposeful person. I find a lot of lessons for myself and following your articles I realized that there are no bad days, bad weather, and the lives of bad people are beautiful no matter how much sh*t it took in the past….
    Good luck to you!

  21. Elliana Cook says:

    My life sucks, too, but as someone once said… “Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”

  22. Alan says:

    It’s a real truth, sometimes everything sucks, but you stop, think a little, and it’s life, and you won’t change anything, you just have to look at each situation more easily, and everything will work out.

  23. Harper Richardson says:

    Thanks, Alex. You are super. Your articles inspire and make me feel freer, out of a certain comfort zone. Keep surprising me as you do so far. Good luck!

  24. Soren Butler says:

    Hello! It’s nice to meet you!!! Thank you for your work !!! You really help people! You are like a teacher-friend, a psychologist-a good friend! I never discover myself from friends I know! And I can talk to you, to my thoughts, to myself, and no one will know about it, I often come back to read these articles, because once, for a lifetime, it won’t be enough, I’m often disappointed in myself. I am so quick to lower my hands, and there’s you, my friend !!! Thank you again and I wish you all the best !!! Thank you!!!

  25. Stanley Powell says:

    I read this article and thought “so good…” Sometimes there are so many similar situations with me… So I can say that life sucks for me too… But you live, you get nervous, you make others nervous… That’s life!

  26. Philippina Garcia says:

    Super as always. I have the same life motto: if today is bad, tomorrow will definitely be better.

  27. David says:

    Interesting article. Life sometimes sucks for me too when it does not go along with the plan I have planned and prevents me from achieving what I want, but it is the way it is:) Sometimes the power of thought helps, but you have to believe that it works, so good luck in creating these engaging and interesting articles 😉

  28. Nathaniel Thomas says:

    I’m already starting to think about how much I suck the people around me, I guess most kids, when I say sit up straight, drink water in the morning, when you get up right away, sometimes I can see from their eyes that I suck again… Or I tell my wife, if we have to go somewhere, what do you look like, and she doesn’t like it, it’s not really my doll, which must be like from a catalog every day, we all have our moments, but I think about it is much more important to recognize them in yourself, I really grumble less at the children and I no longer tell my wife what she should look like. Life really just got simpler and less sucks… P. S. Though it really sucks now, I have to get out of the car and unplug the charging cord while I’m wearing bright summer clothes and it’s raining outside… It really sucks…

  29. Elias says:

    We all know these “little things” that suck. You need to learn not to pay attention to them. I often follow the rule “if you can change something, why get nervous? If you can’t change it, why get nervous? Of course, sometimes everything is concentrated and emotions spill over the edges. But “venting steam” is useful for getting you back on track

  30. Kaitlyn says:

    Thanks, Alex, for writing about this at the right time for me. And I thought most of it would just bother me. Because that’s not the case. I often follow your posts, and it seems as if I will do it and behave differently, but I just stick to the same. I continue to struggle with everything.

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