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How to choose the right and wisest goal in life?


Currently, it’s fashionable to talk about ways to help achieve goals. That is why there are so many articles about this topic on the Internet. But less is said about what goals to choose is wise. And I know the answer. I’m not 19 years old anymore, so I managed to check a lot of things. First, I learned to distinguish between beautiful-sounding goals and goals that deserve attention. 

How to choose the right and wisest goal in life?

Good-sounding goals are “strewn” everywhere you look. Thanks to this, young people find them easily. So some people want to “do a successful business,” “be successful,” or “seduce a girl.” Although these desires sound “beautiful.” But over time, they changetransform into other desires. The desire to seduce a girl turns into a desire to find someone with whom you feel good. 

The desire to start a family turns into a desire to maintain it, and then… 

A change in desires can be predicted by opening up psychology. Human evolution constantly evolves along with several patterns, depending on several factors.  

Yet, the desires of our life depend not only on our age but also on the values promoted by our surroundings. Suppose if you lived in India, you would have received a different list of desires. In other words, we pursue the desires that have been thrown at us. But we don’t create our own desires unless we are very creative.  

Our desires also depend on the age we live in. If you lived in the Stone Age, your goals would be differentyou’d like to survive. You really shouldn’t have to think of a comfy office chair or a comfortable monitor screen to avoid eye damage. But let’s jump into the future. If you lived in the year 5000, your goals would also be different. In other words, even if you choose intelligent goals that modern wise gurus pursue, these goals are unlikely to inspire future civilized generations. Because we, modern humans, are in a latent stage in the development of civilization. It’s difficult for us to understand what goals are worth pursuing. And even if I tell you what to do, few will use my advice. Because the subconscious mind has more influence on life than the will, and even when you know what to do, your hands stay in your pockets.   

However, some people managed to overstep time. Somehow they managed to overcome their instincts. Oh yes, these people know what is worth pursuing. One of these people was my mentor. 

He divided goals into superficial and meaningful ones.

What is the difference between superficial and meaningful/wisest goals in life?

Superficial desires focus on one goal that is usually associated only with the selfish desire of the individual. A person who has achieved a superficial goal does not necessarily get better. And meaningful goals are tied to values, plus meaningful goals help change personalitythey provide far more benefits than you expect to receive. That’s why I love to pursue wise goals. 

Understand me well; I’m not saying that one has to give up material desires. All I’m saying is that if you want to buy a Ferrari, then you should focus not on it but on changing your personality. This means that it would be much wiser for you to choose to become a person whose actions ensure material success. Why is it important? In a moment, I will explain. 

For example, when I was working in England, I knew a person from Poland who kept telling me about the BMW of his dreams. His sole purpose was to buy this scrap. After earning money, he quit his job. After a while, he came back because he didn’t have enough money for fuel, repairs, etc. Why didn’t he have any money? Because he devoted all his time to buying a car, and not changing his mindset and becoming a person whose life brings various fruits, including material achievements.

The same thing happens in relationships. Let’s say you want to find the other half. When you find it, you start to rejoice, but it turns out that you don’t collide. It’s because you have focused on seduction, not on becoming someone that others would feel comfortable with and with whom they want to be more and more. Understand me well; it’s different things. 

I hope you understand my thoughts.

To check this, I will ask you a question. 

Answer, which goal seems wiser to you:  

1) Find a friend. 

2) Develop into a person that inspirational people would like to meet and maintain a relationship with.  

Or answer what would you want: 

1) Earn a round sum of money.

2) Become a person whose actions provide material success and other bonuses that you didn’t even expect. 

I understand it’s surprisingly challenging to become a person with whom successful and interesting people want to maintain a relationship. It’s even harder to change the way your mindset works so that your actions generate a lot of income because you have to put in a lot of work here, but the world doesn’t work otherwise!  

“OKAY, Alex, I understand, one should pursue the wisest goal, and what to do with other goals? I want to buy an apartment!” a reader will ask. I have an answer! 

Reach your goal, but spend time on wise goals every day, even if they seem boring. 

“What goals are you talking about?” one of the readers will ask, who slept through half of the article, he just skipped to the end. I have an answer to this question too! Reread this article! It lists at least two wise goals that help you change your mindset/personality for the better.

Let’s descuss!

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