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Best life coaches: 5 stars 🏆


Although I had a business and a woman, I was in an emotional hole for a long time. However, everything changed in 2013 when I found the best life coach. At first, I was scared of him because he was bold and demanding. But sometimes that’s exactly what you need. Only demanding and straightforward coaches can shake us out of our nonsense and sh*t.

Best life coaches

“I don’t want a demanding gaffert,” one of the readers thought.


You cannot even imagine how your life will change if you find a demanding coach. I know what I’m talking about! After two months of working with a coach, I have changed 100%!

Only by feeling his pressure, I managed to change—become a different person. 

What has my coach changed in me?

1. Previously, my confidence was curled like a small hedgehog lying in the middle of the road.
2. I have learned to laugh at myself. Earlier I used to get angry about jokes about me (I was a little oversensitive donkey).
3. I started acting the way I wanted, here and now. Before, I used to be afraid to speak to people. I was shy.
4. I became more specific and learned to speak more clearly.
5. I kicked off a lot of harmful habits (smoking, drinking, then I started smoking again, but after a while, I stopped because my coach taught me how to change habits that sometimes come back).
6. I became a person who knows how to work less but earn more.

In other words, my one of top life coaches helped me to focus only on what is most important. 

He changed my mindset, which is why I received attention not just from one woman but from a muuuuuuultitude of people.

Do you want this all?

Oh yes, if you want to change, find a life coach as soon as possible. Of course, you can avoid this suggestion, but without a coach, you will change slower. This has been proven by research. Plus, researchers have shown that life coaching improves, for example, relationships and communication skills.

coaching improves, for example, relationships and communication skills

(Here is a link to the research.) 

So, if you are not fed up with life and if you want to achieve your goals, not in 50 years (when you will be an older man), I suggest finding not one, but several coaches. After all, there are business coaches and other coaches in various fields! So, what is your decision?

I know you doubt, but doubts are a normal thing, and today I will dispel them. To achieve my goal, I will explain in more detail what a coach is, what he does, and how to find him. This is my opinion, which differs from everything on the internet.

What is a life coach?

Wiktionary describes life coaches as professionals who help clients to achieve their personal goals.

There are other words as synonyms for life coach: mentor, advisor, guru, instructor, guide, etc. And these synonyms are only sometimes accurate because, for example, between a life coach and a mentor or consultant are serious differences, which you will learn at the end of this article.

Life coaches are called life teachers. Life teachers have been around for a very long time. The history of life teachers is much older than the history of music or languages. Primitive people shared their experience by showing each other signs that meant, “Hey man, don’t be an asshole, because if you be like that, your woman will leave you!”

What can a life coach do? (Mission of life teachers)

Life coaching involves working with you to help you achieve your desired goals and overcome any barriers or challenges that may be hindering your progress. Through the process, a life coach assists you in clarifying goals and identifies any barriers. 

From there, if you choose a successful life coach, they will help you devise strategies for overcoming those barriers and moving forward toward your desired goals. Essentially, a life coach acts as a guide, providing guidance and support as you work towards your goals.

What successful people use coaches?

Life coaches help a lot of successful people, like celebrities, business executives, and professional athletes, achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Here is a list of 9 successful people who have life coaches.

1. Bill Gates (coached by Bill Campbell)

2. Richard Branson (coached by Mark C. Thompson)

3. Oprah Winfrey (coached by Martha Beck)

4. Jeff Bezos (coached by Bill Campbell)

5. Bill Clinton (coached by Anthony Robbins)

6. Leonardo DiCaprio (coached by Larry Moss)

7. Metallica (coached by Phil Towle)

8. Sheryl Sandberg (coached by Bill McGowan)

9. Satya Nadella (coached by Michael Gervais)

How to distinguish a good coach from an unprofessional one

There are several important ways to distinguish between a good life coach and a non-professional life coach.

– Professional appearance

A good life coach is professional, respectful, empathetic, and non-judgmental. They can also actively listen and provide constructive feedback.

– Training and certification

A good life coach has proper coaching training and certification. They can provide evidence of training and adhere to the ethical standards of professional coaching organizations.

– Clear communication

A good life coach can clearly communicate goals, expectations, and the coaching process to the client. They are also open to feedback and will adjust their approach as needed.

– Personal experience

A good life coach has a solid track record with clients and references or testimonials from satisfied clients.

– Reasonable fees

A good life coach charges a reasonable fee for their services and does not pressure clients to sign up for expensive programs or services.

The most famous coaches in the world

Tony Robbins

Millions of people have changed their lives thanks to Tony Robbins’ motivational speaking and life coaching. Through his high-energy seminars and coaching sessions, he helps people overcome their fears, achieve their goals, and live lives of meaning and fulfillment.

Gary Vaynerchuk 

Gary Vaynerchuk is a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur who has helped numerous businesses and individuals grow their online presence and achieve success. He is known for his motivational talks and energetic personality, and has become a popular life coach for those seeking guidance on how to achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life.

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is an author and spiritual teacher who has written numerous books on mindfulness, personal growth and meditation. Through his teachings on the connection between the mind, body, and spirit, he has helped millions of people find inner peace and happiness.

Oprah Winfrey

A philanthropist, media mogul, and TV host, Oprah Winfrey inspires millions of people around the world with her message of empowerment. Additionally, she hosted a life coaching show called “Oprah’s Lifeclass,” where experts and celebrities shared their wisdom.

Tim Ferriss

Self-improvement expert Tim Ferriss is an entrepreneur who has written several books on productivity, business success, and personal development. Tim Ferriss is known as an author of “4-Hour Work Week” and its philosophy, which helps people achieve maximum productivity and success by maximizing efficiency and minimizing distractions.

Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist, professor, and author who helps people around the world create more meaningful and fulfilling lives. He is known for his focus on helping people overcome their fears and doubts. His fans have strongly benefited from his guidance and support.

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols is a life coach, motivational speaker, and author who has helped millions of people around the world create more meaningful and fulfilling lives. She is known for her focus on helping people overcome their fears and doubts, and has a strong following of fans who have benefited from her guidance and support.

Why are only a few people using coaches? 

Not long ago, the ICF conducted a survey which found that 43% of participants had used a life coach in the past, and 22% although said they had not used such services yet, but would like to do so sometime in the near future. So it follows that people are interested in this service and start using it more often. The greatest need for a life coach is noticed among millennials and urbanites—these people more often suffer from stress in the workplace, which is probably the biggest reason for this need.

Despite the fact that the coach is becoming a normal thing, there are also those who refuse this luxury.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t use coaches is their cost. It’s simply expensive.

How much do the best life coaches cost?

The cost of a life teacher depends on many parameters. Here I represent the most common ones:

– They have specialized education and revel in assisting customers in attaining their dreams and making effective modifications to their lives.
– They can also provide extra offerings, including institution coaching, workshops, retreats, or courses, which can also grow their costs.
– They regularly appoint one-on-one meetings with clients, presenting customized assistance and guidance.
– They can also have better overhead costs, along with workplace area or equipment, which contribute to their fees.
– They often offer extremely effective and transformative methods for particular cases, and it takes time to develop such ideas. As everyone knows: time is money.

Can you coach yourself?

Yes, you can coach yourself. There are many guides to help you do it. However, isn’t it better when another person looks at you from the side? However, the problem may be that you don’t have money for a coach. In this case, I suggest finding one for free. How? I have written an article about it: How can you get a free coach or mentor?!

But please don’t confuse life coach with mentor or consultant, okay? 

Life Coach vs Mentor

Life Coach Mentor
Coaches work with you through a formal partnership. Mentors work with often informal association and communication.
A coach can help you with any challenge, regardless of their own experience with it. A mentor will share and guide based on their own subjective experience.
A coach is future-oriented and helps you work toward your goals. A mentor is present-oriented and advises on current, in-the-moment issues.
A coach is an equal partner in co-creation. A mentor is generally higher up in a hierarchy than you.

Life Coach vs Consultant

Coach Consultant
Coaches are experts in coaching and developing you. Consultants are experts in their field or subject matter.
A coach will empower you to create your own solutions. A consultant will advise a solution based on what they think is best.
A coach develops you to take productive action towards goals, both today and in the future. A consultant provides a short-term answer to a specific problem.
A coach works on the person.  A consultant works on the problem.

I have met a lot of consultants. They were only able to criticize. A consultant is not a coach, but we still need people like that. However, we should know how to distinguish one from another. 

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