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How to defeat the enemy and win every single time!


people are friendly?

Once while getting back from school, I received a “compliment” from two men. They called me a degenerate. On the other hand, these men were relatively mild because I called myself muuuuuch scarier words. I hated myself; I was afraid to look in the mirror. I believed I was a monster. I wanted to die, commit suicide. Classmates called me a cement block (because I was efficiently run over by bulldozers—bullies). True, they also called me a drag. Simply put, I know what bullying means and how to win a fight with the enemy.

I tried to shake off humiliations, but I was taught to keep my thoughts shut in school. You see, when you’re a student—you’re a fool, so your bullying stories are worth zero. Every attempt to talk to teachers ended up in “this kid made it up” style as if I were talking about aliens and UFOs… You understand me; you were a kid, right? That’s why I started to keep it under my hat. You could say I learned humility, but the problem had different textures. Get my drift. I was repressed not only in communicating with others but also with myself. Because some people told me everything would work out with time. Others said, “Graduate, then these classmates will be gone, and life will change.” I liked these thoughts, so I decided to wait! Broadly speaking, my actions were no different from everyone else; I pressed waiting mode.

Waiting mode



After pressing waiting mode, I lived a muffled + dimmed life…

… In the sixth grade, I received “as a gift” a ton of violence, so I had to transfer schools. For a few weeks, I felt great in a new place. You probably have an idea what happened next, right? 


Since I hit waiting mode, I haven’t learned to fight for myself, so new bullies have popped up in a new place. Their jokes were straight at the target. I wore large, thick glass glasses, so there was definitely something to cavil. They liked to repeat: “Four-eyes,” “Pussy.” I wanted to change it, somehow avoid any humiliation, but failed. I lacked something, perhaps knowledge? I wanted to learn to ignore it, but I didn’t know how. I was looking for answers in books, and I wanted to find a person who could advise me, but it was challenging to find an understanding listener. I couldn’t wait for everything to work itself out. I decided to defeat my enemies.

Defeating the enemy: my first attempt

Once during a class, a classmate called me a moron. Everyone heard it, even the teacher. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I started a fight. The teacher tried to stop me, but I managed to punch my opponent in the stomach. He rolled off me like a tumbleweed. Everyone was shocked.  

A word about my “bravery” spread in school; no one dared to humiliate me anymore. However, I faced another problem. They started looking at me as an ordinary pugnacious person. Because I learned to respond to all conflicts with a physical blow, I became another bullier. It’s a rather superficial conflict resolution, isn’t it? 

The enemy has not changed… He continued to harass others. So what that I put him through it? 

“But how to defeat the enemy if he does not stop and harass?” the reader will ask.

I have an answer.

The best strategy to defeat your enemy 

If you want to defeat the enemy, use these three steps.

  1. If you feel tense, take time to calm down. When your emotions cool off, ask yourself if the problem is really with other people. Or maybe the problem is how you interpret external events? Remember, the greatest enemy is inside, not outside. By defeating the external enemy, you only prove that you are focused on the outside and not the inside, and you don’t control the inner world, your emotions.
  2. Use a wisdom weapon to fight your enemies. What wisdom weapons do I have in mind? I will mention a few: a) Forgiveness, b) Generosity, c) Peace.
  3. To defeat your external enemies, you should first defeat the inner ones.

Number one thing you should know if you want to defeat your inner enemies

To defeat your inner enemies, you need strength. If you don’t have it, you’re unlikely to achieve anything. That’s why Jordan Peterson once mentioned the inner monster.

According to Peterson, the inner monster can be used for good deeds.

I didn’t understand it, so I treated my thoughts like flowers; I watered them, gave them time…

I have asked my mind hundreds of thousands of times to stop harassing me. I have asked for mercy many times, “Thoughts, please be good, maybe stop listening to humiliations? Please don’t pay attention to bullying!” or “Please, I don’t need those thoughts about suicide! Thoughts, please stop” or “Alex, that’s enough repeating that you are a monster, you are not so scary, are you?”

The conversations with myself used to end with the following words, “I’m just unlucky with my classmates and neighbors. They are to blame for everything… If only there were a better environment, everyone would understand me! Better people are working somewhere who will accept me, love me, and everything will work out!”

… as you see, by talking to myself, I was pushing time by killing youth like everyone else.

Yes yes, I was making a mistake. I stroked heads of involuntary thoughts! But I wasn’t alone! I was one of the billions of people on Earth who behave similarly! The bad thing is that you act in a similar manner! Yes, YOU! I’m talking about you—a person reading this article!

I beg you: stop licking the butt of distrust!

Understand that as long as you treat bad thoughts with respect, your body will feel paralyzed. While you think, you’re still in the waiting mode where I’ve been frozen for forty years.

Therefore, be strict with bad thoughts, with your inner enemies!

Only by defeating your inner enemy can you achieve the most amazing things. However, those who don’t know how belong to destiny—not to themselves! 

“But how to do it? After all, I understand the need to overcome bad thoughts, and so on, but how to do it?” you will ask. I have an answer. Start with the basics, from changing your thinking. To make it easier, I have created special training for you. Very shortly, you will get it for free! And yes, you have 12 days of lessons and missions waiting for you, which you will receive daily in your email box. Use them! Register here: “12 missions.” These 12 missions will help you discover peace of mind and create the habit of devoting time for yourself on a daily basis. This will be the first step. And everything else will come by itself!

Have you already registered?

If yes, then we’ll end this article with one of my poems:

Be nobler than your enemies are
With a diamond-like peace stun them
Wider than the ocean, larger than cities
Which will take centuries to build

I know, I know, it’s difficult to thaw the hearts of others—
Longing for a fulfillment embrace
For this to happen, infect your enemies with good deeds
And remarkable changes 

Oh yes, let them experience the breakthroughs of goodness
Let your truthfulness shock them
Leaving a desire in their eyes
To open their heart wider/more than you do

No, (I) am not better than the other
I am not, I am not; there’s no denying it
I read the words, reminding myself of the path
To defeat my enemies, entrenched their rooooots in my personality

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