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A ridiculously useful time management tool: The Grenade Method


The granade method
The Grenade Method is a time management tool. The tool’s essence is to prepare a daily work plan or any project’s idea in 5 minutes, and present it to others. With this method, the person is transferred to a situation where he commits to complete a project, so he is not distracted by phone calls and focuses only on what is most important. 

How the Grenade Method works

Imagine you’re trying to finish your dream project, but you can’t—it’s stuck in place. It doesn’t move forward, nor does it uplift or motivate… there’s not enough time. Your career and personal life achievements depend on this project, so you feel distressed. You think about how to manage this issue. All of a sudden, you hear an interesting noise; it would seem as though the earth is trembling as if ten elephants were running toward you! Suddenly, you see a squad of reporters with cameras in their hands. The first journalist is from BBC, the second from CNN, while the third is from Fox News. The journalists run to you and declare in unison: “In five minutes, you will be participating in a global broadcast. In this broadcast, you will have to introduce your life mission to the world and talk about your purpose! Talk about the good things you plan to do this week, in a month, and in one and even five years’ time! If you don’t want to share this information, introduce your newest project instead! A billion people will be watching you in five minutes!”

“WHAT NONSENSE!!!” you think to yourself. However, after a second passes, you realize the truth. You say aloud: “Journalists, you are obligating me to finish my project! OH, YES! I will take the advantage of your offer; in five minutes, I will introduce my project in your broadcast!”

But let’s go back to reality. Here, in reality, journalists aren’t going to present themselves at your place of work. They don’t care, so they won’t encourage you to introduce your project in five minutes. However, you need to understand that a similar situation would speed up your project! That’s why I suggest using the Grenade Method at least once a day. It will obligate you to introduce your idea in five minutes (which is what a squad of journalists would do!), as while creating a project when you just have five minutes, you focus on what’s most important!

Oh yes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re planning your workday or finishing other intellectual work; you need to use the Grenade Method!

Do you hear me? You need the Grenade Method!

But enough with talking: the time has come to take action! Use the Grenade method right now! 

Try the Grenade Method now!

Ask yourself what you want to achieve in the next three months.

Maybe you want to introduce a business idea that you’ve been waiting a long time to make a reality.

There can be a lot of purposes. Perhaps you want to write a book, but you don’t know about what. Set your timer at five minutes and start preparing for the presentation. Once five minutes have passed, record your presentation on video and email it to me! (Of course, you can introduce your project to yourself in the mirror, however, most importantly, you should commit yourself to do this job).

Yes, you have to introduce the idea in five minutes!

Don’t improve your idea to perfection—concentrate on conceiving and structuring it!

How about this idea… You say you have doubts about it? I used to have doubts, too—a long time ago; I used to begin my mornings unprepared for the day ahead. Sometimes I would try laying out my plan for the day, but then I would suddenly realize that it was already the evening. My days moved slower than a turtle, but I learned to work fast. That’s why today I wrote three articles, and it’s not even one o’clock yet. The Grenade Method helped me to blow unhappiness up into small pieces! Follow my suggestion, and try it as well! Oh yes, I suggest taking advantage of my experience and using the Grenade Method!

By the way, I almost forgot… Do you remember that interesting moment when you had left three minutes until the end of the job, but you still had some work left, and you did it with a snap of your fingers? You will feel similar when you use my advertised method! THAT’S WHY IT’S WORTH CAUSING THE GRENADE TO EXPLODE!


I know what I’m talking about—I’ve personally verified it a thousand times!!!

Why does the Grenade Method work? Why is it effective?

I could list 30 reasons why the Grenade Method works, but I’ll be fast and mention the most important points. 

My created method:

1. Sets the way for a SUPER productive day, one day after another!

Many different time management techniques exist, but only the Grenade Method helps in starting every morning effectively. That’s why I ALWAYS use the grenade every morning. It helps me to explode all my doubts, uncertainty, and lack of determination! Moreover, even if someone calls, I don’t pick up the phone, as I dedicated only 5 minutes to plan my day!

2. Helps get rid of perfectionism in the early stages of project development (and promotes structural thinking)

Researchers have always been interested in perfectionism. After much research, they have learned that perfectionism has more than two sides. It turns out that perfectionism can cause anxiety and depression. Entrepreneur magazine notes even more negative points, stating that perfectionists aren’t flexible. I quote: “Perfectionists take too long to get things done.” For example, Seth Kravitz emphasizes that perfectionism is the enemy of any startup. That’s not all, my dear reader.

From learning about successful startup stories, we know that successful projects are sometimes born then when seeing and touching them is not yet possible. This is because ideas can be sold. Let’s remember Facebook. This is what the first Facebook looked like:

Even though the first Facebook was horrible, it still went live. Had Zuckerberg been a perfectionist and not a businessman, he would have been working at McDonald’s! Oh yes, perfectionists are not the ones who win, but those who know how to act fast and feel what people want! Thus, I suggest the above thoughts to crown with these words: “Perfectionist can be only then, when the project already earned few millions, or got big investments that give the possibility to play.”

3. Obliges us to act responsibly.

Imagine promising your manager that you will complete a task in five minutes. Although you cannot possibly build a house in this short amount of time, you can create a strategy, an idea, or the structure of any project. Try, and you will see how a commitment mechanism will activate itself. If you don’t want to promise the director anything, do it with a colleague or other half. Knowing that someone is waiting for your presentation makes you act faster. There are only five minutes left, so you’re trying to focus. In this case, you will ignore the phone that’s ringing. Don’t pay attention to what distracts you, as your objective is to finish the job quickly. Therefore, the Grenade Method is suitable for anyone who wants to get the most out of life!

Take it or leave it!

Remember: Time is more valuable than money; use it properly! Blow up all time leeches with my time management grenade! Boom!

4. Helps change your way of thinking, enabling you to think and act fast!

There are people who do a lot of things each day. They find time for art, conducting a successful business, for friends and loved ones. To be fast as well, you have to speed up your thinking and actions. Ample research proves that people REALLY can learn to move and think faster. For this reason, there exist fantastic apps that people use worldwide that provide different tasks that one can perform for developing speed. I recommend using such apps. However, don’t forget that the Grenade Method is capable of providing a similar benefit, as it stimulates you to think faster, helping you do more processes in less time. In addition, it teaches you how to allocate priorities and promptly get rid of unnecessary details, as well as stimulate strategic thinking. So if you want to change, be sure to use the Grenade Method every single day!

5. It connects all your favorite time management methods into one.

Some time management techniques help you to prioritize work; others help divide the day into specific time segments; however, the Grenade Method enables you to mix all time management techniques into one.

For example, let’s imagine the morning. You prepare a delicious coffee and plan your goals for the day, and you opt for the Grenade Method. You pull the ring—the five-minute countdown begins. When the counting starts, you create a plan. You check your priorities and other important stuff. In this plan, you decide how many projects you will do today and which time management techniques you will employ. For example, you decide for work number 3 and 4 to use Pomodoro Technique. So, after 5 minutes, you have a clear schedule, in which it is even clear how you will use this day. Wouldn’t it be great to make such plans in the morning?

True, the Grenade Method can be used more times a day, such as on weekends instead of during the mornings, for example. For example, you want to work Saturday and only have one hour. To get the most out of this watch, you need to plan your actions somehow; this is where the Grenade Method is required.

Why did I give such an interesting name to my method, and why only five minutes?

“Why do you call this method the Grenade Method, and why do you suggest dedicating only five minutes to work, and not six,” someone will ask. I have an answer.

First, the Grenade Method explodes all doubts and everything else that is capable of putting spokes in the wheels of any given project! As you see, I am speaking in metaphor. On the other hand, let’s remember the real grenade. When you take the ring off, the grenade explodes in about 5 seconds. Conversely, our intellectual grenade explodes in five minutes. Essentially, it’s a small delayed grenade with which you can blow up your life problems!

The second reason is related to experiments we conducted in 2018.

With a big group of testers (320 people), we tried to use the method in slow-paced and fast-paced regimes. Participants had to prepare their projects in three, four, five, six, seven minutes; the best worked in intervals of 5 minutes. It turned out that five minutes are enough to form a clear presentation of ideas or accomplish other strategic tasks. Try yourself. You can play for a different amount of time. After doing so, be sure to text me! I wonder what your thoughts are, and I am eager to hear them!

Do you still delay projects and success? Then use the grenade method!

Think about what you want to create. Maybe you want to start a business, and you don’t know what kind of business to dedicate yourself to. Perhaps you want to create a ten-year life plan.

Get an alarm and set the timer to five minutes.

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