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What is more important, happiness or success? Or maybe…


You can’t even imagine what awaits you, reader! Oh yes, in a moment, we will talk about millions of people who, with their whole heart, believe that success leads to happiness (success in work, business, and so on)—they climb over the heads of others to take glowing happiness into their own hands. However, for some reason, they still fail. They continue to work, and there is no happiness. Why? Because success can rarely lead to happiness. And happiness always leads to success, and then something exciting happens and… But let’s start with the evidence, okay?

Two bulletproof reasons why happiness leads to success:

1. It says more than 225 studies and APA (American Psychology Association).

If you take the time to research, you’ll find tons of evidence and studies that show that happiness has a lot to do with what we do in our lives, how we live. Take a look at the document created by APA: “The Benefits of Frequent Positive Affect: Does Happiness Lead to Success?” I’m quoting, “Happy people—those who experience a preponderance of positive emotions—tend to be successful and accomplished across multiple life domains.”

They state that studies show that contrary to popular belief, happiness is not a result of a good outcome. It’s the other way around.

2. Why wait for success to become happy if you can become happy and then automatically become successful? 

Look at this kitten:

Successful kitty

He is extremely happy. People start to believe you are happy and successful when you feel like this cat, even if there is no supercar behind your back. Because modern society believes that if someone smiles, it means they have won a million or got a super well-paid job. 

But if you have a luxury suit but look disappointed, it will be hard to say that you are happy. Or maybe I’m wrong? After all, you had an unhappy boss? Despite his successes, he lacked happiness, so he was angry as a dog!

Worried man

In other words, in many cases, happy people inspire more sympathy to those around them than successful entrepreneurs.

“But I don’t have to please others,” someone will say. And they will be right. You don’t have to please others, but it would be wise to pursue that goal through happiness (and personality change) if you want to be successful because successful people aren’t those who were lucky several times in a row, but those who have a positive/happy person’s mindset. Because if you are positive, your actions and decisions ensure a successful life (long-term perspective).

What will change if you focus on happiness, not just success

I guarantee that as soon as you change your mind and become more positive (happier), you will notice many changes. I will name a few:

1. People will start paying more attention, so you’ll make new friends and improve your relationship with the other half.

Answer, would you like to live with someone who constantly acts like an ass—blaming others for everything (e.g., for not being happy)?

“Of course not,” you will answer. You’d rather hang out with a happy person, wouldn’t you? And you don’t want to be with unhappy ones. Therefore, Elon Musk has been abandoned by women many times despite being famous and successful because success does not guarantee a successful relationship. Jordan Peterson talked about this problem in a YouTube video entitled: “Why Successful People Are Often Lonely.” 

This video is about people running after success, forgetting about other life values ​​and priorities. Oh yes, the answer lies in the priorities. How people value you depends on your priorities. And if your main goal is simply success, they see you as a careerist. But what if you made your career through happiness?

IMPORTANT: I’m not saying that better business performance is a bad thing. I strive for heights myself, but I also invest a lot of time to feel fulfillment and the formula of happiness. Because I realize with my whole body that these ingredients generate success! 

Because when you feel happy and positive, people start noticing you. As they admire your good mood, they start wanting a part of your happiness, so they begin talking to you. And if they do it, you start receiving tons of business offers and so on.

Plus, when you feel happy, you gain confidence, which makes communication easier. And when you communicate efficiently, it solves many issues that once took more effort.  

2. You will start to follow in business and achieve what you didn’t even imagine.

Have you heard of Mister Wonderful? I’m talking about a famous figure who shares his advice with the world. In one of the interviews, he told the true story of his success. The essence: he didn’t strive for a career. He just did what he liked, feeling joy. So he began to be successful.

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