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8 sources of happiness: Where you can find it?


There’s a lot of sources of happiness. One of them brings short-lasting happiness, and the other gives long-lasting joy. Today we will look at them, okay?

Materialistic happiness

When life is hard on you, why not get some energy from outside. I know someone will say, “Alex, you hate materialistic happiness, so why do you motherfucker recommend it?” It’s true, I wouldn’t say I like materialistic happiness, but before gaining some wisdom, everybody wants to get more things. When I was young, it was my case. This type of happiness I call “A necessary step for understanding that this type of happiness is not right.” It’s like salvation when you cannot get happiness from yourself. In this case, it’s okay to take happiness from the outside. So if buying a new fancy dress or car makes you happy—do it like Alex Monaco, when he was a miserable materialist. Dammit, how obsessed I was with it. But… I still am a little bit materialistic, and it’s not bad if you can mix it with other types of happiness.

Hedonistic happiness

Hedonic happiness is also linked with materialistic happiness. It’s quite popular nowadays. A lot of brands promote this style of living. So people use it as a source of happiness for a few hours or sometimes even for days. For example, did you see those drunk guys? This type of happiness can also be used as a bridge to a deeper understanding of where they germinate natural and persistent legs of joy.

Ego based happiness

Running after the status symbol like fame, power, or success is a usual practice in this buzzing world. We all have done it at some point in life. But we often forget to notice the pleasure associated with it. It’s ego-based happiness.

Whenever someone compliments or praises you, or you achieve something—your self-esteem boosts which results in satisfaction. Ultimately, satisfaction will lead to your happiness.

Event-based happiness

Various occasions occur in our lives. But we’re willing to remember only positive ones. The reason behind these positive events or their memory makes us happy.

Have you ever thought, “Where can I find happiness?” If so, then think of a positive event such as your marriage or childbirth. Even small events like meeting your favorite or admirable personality suddenly, or winning a competition, or get a pay raise. All these can contribute to your happiness.

Need-based happiness

As humans, we’ve some basic needs that are to be fulfilled, whether it’s a physical or emotional need. For example, the rest after hard work is a powerful way to catch happiness by the tail. It’s a natural source of happiness, which you shouldn’t be ashamed of. Use it, dear reader. If you feel tired and unhappy—go rest! 

“Stupid idea, Alex, you offer me to rest all day if I feel unhapyy?” someone will say. I have an answer! You don’t need to rest 24 hours a day. The essence is in the quality of rest. Don’t rest by watching TV shows or drinking alcohol! I wrote about it, “What does it mean to be happy with yourself, and how to reach joy?

Hobby-based happiness

Survey research shows 86% of the participants said that hobbies and interests were their sources of happiness. When you do what you like, you feel fulfilled, and happiness comes automatically. It’s not bad to have a hobby, winch makes you happy, but some people have bizarre hobbies. For example, in prisons, you can meet people whose hobby is killing people. Nevertheless, many motivators say, “Do what you like, that’s the most important thing.” Dear motivators, please—be careful with such recommendations! 

For me, the best hobby is working with self-development and personality. This hobby solves all important problems. But if you don’t like to work on personality… I hope you understand my idea.

Future-based happiness (or event-based happiness)

Some people are dreaming about dinner with a loved one. Others are excited about a weekend trip planned or vision (who they will become in the future) they created in their heads. All these people are excited about the upcoming events. It makes them hostage to thoughts of the future, not being able to feel happy today. It’s not bad if people who dream of a future event know how to squeeze happiness out of the current moment.

Wisdom-based happiness

Wisdom-based happiness is one of the most powerful sources of happiness. You see, when you are experienced in life, you understand that happiness depends only on how you react to problems and how you manage emotions. Oh yes, if your happiness comes from experience, you don’t need any things or special events to make you enjoy life and feel good.

I know it’s tough to enjoy wisdom-based happiness each day, so you need to work on it. First, you need to learn to manage emotions. And you need to experiment a lot. That’s not all. To achieve wisdom-based happiness, you need to experience all sources of happiness. I believe that without this, it’s virtually impossible to find a wise path to true unplayed happiness.

Final verdict

External sources are short-lived only. Because when your happiness is linked to the circumstances, it’s tough to manage them, so it’s easy to lose your happy state. It means it’s clever to create sources of inner happiness, which lasts longer. I know you knew many things I told you about in this article, but you are looking for more answers, so read this blog and don’t forget to check my Facebook page for more inspiration.

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